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Can I copy an exact loop to another page?

I want it so when I copy a page, the loop donuts are the exact same ones - not just the same name, same colour, but the exact same donut as the one on the other page.

In practice this would mean that when I record some loops, and swap pages, those exact same donuts are on the new page, still looping. When I copy a page, it doesn't do this - it copies the layout but I'm guessing it's creating new donuts rather than just repeating the same ones I already have.

The idea is so that I can see the loop states on the donuts while recording, and I press a page button, it swaps to a new page, and I can still see those same donuts and their loop states.

It would mean I can have a "record" layout and a "play" layout, whereby in "record" mode, I'm seeing the loop donuts and I've got big visual indicators that let me know I have certain tracks selected or whatever.. and then when I swap pages, those same big widgets are now actually reflecting the mute/unmute states of those same tracks.

Right now, changing pages means I lose track of seeing where the loop states are, unless I go back to the first page.

I understand I can MIDI map all of this to be in the same page, but the goal is for everything to be super easy to see and intuitive to use while playing live at bars/clubs, so I want multiple pages to reduce on-screen clutter.


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