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Looking for a 37 key or 49 key controler working on IPad for Logic Ipad



  • Anyone use a desk support for their midi controller? I have a small desk and need to think about the way to organize my setup. The best I think would be a kind of laptop support but for a 49 keys midi controller.

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    @cyberheater said:

    @Svetlovska said:
    This might be worth a look. It is battery operated, Bluetooth midi, has rotary encoders, drum pads & is bargain priced. (£47 inc shipping to UK.)

    How on earth can they make it at that price? 😳

    There are a lot of super-cheap manufacturers in China. A good many of them do not follow workplace compliance rules we expect in the US and Europe. Lots of toxic materials in manufacturing, child labor, etc.

    I’m not saying that’s this company, but I’ve seen it there firsthand with lots of other companies.

  • That m-vave looks like a nice potential replacement for my nanoKEY Studio. I like the rotary encoders and the two touch strips rather than the XY pad which I never use. If they had a 37 key version I'd go for it in a minute.

    I have the m-vave chocolate Bluetooth foot pedal ($37 US) and it has now firmly replaced my Blueboard. I really like it. They could used to hire a few people with a little better English skills to polish their marketing, software and documentation, but that hasn't significantly hindered my use of the product so far.

  • @Stuntman_mike said:

    @cyberheater said:
    Novation Launchkey 37 seems to work well and doesn’t need a powered hub.

    +1, great support too 🙏🏻

    Can you guys share how you set it up, because I can’t get the play/stop/record etc. buttons on the launchkey trigger Locic Pro on the ipad. note on/off etc. works ok.

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