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Piano Series - short Album release

edited June 2023 in Creations

All my recent solo piano posted here, rewritten, updated and re-recorded, and grouped in a small album:" Piano Series". It will be exclusive to bandcamp for a little while.

the remaster is super simple: tuned down reverb, EQ supposed to be less muddy, very very very gentle multi band compression and simple -0.5db normalization.




  • I heard a lot of Bach references in these modern takes on a piano album. Really nice and not heavily influenced by jazz tropes which targets an underserved audience I think. Maybe someone will have a contrarian view and can point to an army of musicians that mine this field of modern “baroque” keyboard creations.

  • Beautiful piano pieces.
    They are definitely, works of art!
    Congratulations on this Bandcamp release.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • edited March 2023
  • Great piece of work… each track is so atmospheric.
    Crack in the wall made me crack into a smile at the change of pace at the end.
    Sunrise is lovely.
    I’d love to hear a piano duet album of you and @LinearLineman 😊

  • Thank you @GeoTony 🙏🙏🙏

  • Just listen from randomly selected Waking up from a Nightmare till the end,
    A short explanation Is my favourite in this second half of album. Congratulation for the release!

  • Dark Lights really spoke to me. Especially the intro. The big threatening bass notes and the angelic little melody floating above. Nice contrast.

  • Thank you for listening @szczyp @Paulieworld

  • i think about your touch of the keyboard, its something I like. every finger like to run over keyboard, jump, or delicate doffing (soft playing). And harmony/rythm/arpeggios/melody…The piano is beautyful instrument to play if loved like you love it. 👍

  • edited March 2023

    Not clever enough to know what you did there, but on A Short Dance With The Devil, I love the out of kilter progression of notes that comes in about half way. Really beautiful/creepy. (The best kind of beautiful.) :)

  • edited June 2023

    @szczyp thanks a lot. I indeed love the piano. It is the first instrument I learned when I was barely vocal. It is the only thing that followed me everywhere all my life on 3 continents: an 88 notes heavy keyboard.

    @Svetlovska Creepy is indeed beautiful. I don't understand how the impressionists were painting, doesn't prevent me from loving it. I have no idea how you make your music, and I love it too.

    Note: the recordings have been updated.

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