This came out of nowhere :)

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Hi all,

I got myself a new app yesterday - Fingertip Vocals. So, I found it fun and ended up in making a tune I never planned to. Its not perfect in any way, but it was really fun :)

Vocals - Fingertip Vocals
Bass - GuitarCapo+ (with iRig Keys)
Guitar - GuitarCapo+ (on-screen)
Drums - Sample project from Sector
Recorded and edited in Multitrack DAW

Effects: Crystalline, Caramel and AUFX:Space

The drums are Caramel'ed by running MDAW as AB input and Caramel as IAA FX, recorded to AudioShare

In the end I ran it through Audio Mastering with a "factory" preset

Here it is, sorry for out of sync here and there. This is just for fun :)


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