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Oi! Grandad granular synth coming to iPad?

edited February 14 in App Development

Oi! Grandad is a desktop granular synth plugin with 4 sample based voices. It has 12 independently triggered and complex modulators, per voice delay and a load of controls for granulation of each voice. Rick, the dev, has just released an update in beta which adds independent playheads to the voices for even more possibilities. There's a free version available on github but Rick has a Gumroad store where you can buy a 'pro' pack with a load of samples and presets and help fund development - he's got a few other goodies on github and Gumroad too which are worth checking out.

Anyway - he's thinking of making an iPad version (he doesn't think the interface will translate well to anything smaller) of Oi! Grandad and is interested in users views - in his words 'Let me know if you have any thoughts regarding UI, layout or features that might be useful for IOS users, please!'

It's Rick's first attempt at programming a mobile app and it may be a while in development but I think his stuff would work well on an iPad. I'll invite him to the forum so he can take part in discussions...


  • great news! I like both oi! grandad + quetzalcoatl -got the expansion packs too-
    xolotl is also šŸ›¼

  • @cazel said:
    great news! I like both oi! grandad + quetzalcoatl -got the expansion packs too-
    xolotl is also šŸ›¼

    Yeah - just downloaded xolotl and it's huge...šŸ‘

  • OĆ­! Brandada in iOS would be great!!!! šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜

  • Rick's going to join the conversation when he's got something concrete to show us...šŸ‘

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