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drag-and-drop midi import? and some rantings


to this day i am seeking an elegant solution to what you would think was a problem not difficult to solve- controlling external synths via imported midi files.

there are obvious answers that come to the forefront: well, duh, of course there is apps that allow you to import midi files and control your external gear! even free midi players/sequencers on the store will usually do midi out (some even with clock sync!) but from my experience, they all have some annoyingly obtuse method of functionality that makes it a complete hassle and entirely too exhausting to consider as a permanent part of workflow.

primarily, the issue is almost always actually importing the files, which is like, a core functionality of what you would expect from these apps. it is almost always entirely too much effort to actually import them! especially when repeatedly and rapidly; lets take a look at xequence (my current best solution) for example:

to import a midi file into xequence, you must:
1. tap insert in the bottom corner
2. tap midi file (alternatively, and in good faith, i will mention that the option to PASTE a file lays within this menu; only one tap away, but...)
3. now you're greeted with an entire new screen consisting of a directory/directories(!) of your midi files that are located in the xequence folder on your ipad (to be fair, from my understanding this is more of an apple-forced decision)
4. browse your sub directories, scroll down a list, select your midi and viola. you have now imported a midi file into xequence.

wanna do it again, at a rapid pace?
return to step 2:
2. tap midi file...
3. and you are back at the root of the directory! godspeed doing this multiple times over and over constantly navigating through your directories :persevere:

alternatively: from the files app, press and hold a midi file, share sheet, xequence, import. too many taps still, imo.

the best way to go about it, I think, is to have a slide-over files window with your midi directory, navigate that as your browser, long-press a midi file, copy, tap insert in xequence, tap paste.

this multi-tap, repeating cyclical workflow is in basically every app i have tried. that includes atom 2 in AUM, however i find the workflow to be relatively the same and the ui too unintuitive with far too much functionality for what I require; n-track is about the same. i have also used simple playback apps with midi out such as midi rec, musk player, midi tape rec, midikeys, sequencism, all of which either are just as unintuitive to their basic function or lack one such as midi clock. i have drambo but after a ton of searching, like so many apps for some reason, it seems to not be possible to import midi from files. drambo, xequence, n-track, etc, all are fully featured as well and usually have a much more cluttered UI than my ideal.

i have not been able to try helium or fugue machine (which honestly seems really interesting!) because i cannot find any information regarding the process of importing midi and such, so if those fit the bill, let me know!


does anyone have a suggestion for a simple, midi sequencer/player with drag-and-drop import as well as clock sync and midi out, or simply a less exhausting method for importing midi files when you are doing it rapidly and repeatedly? ultimately, I feel as though a "player" type app that simply listed my imported midi and allowed me to quickly switch through them without pause would be best, UI-wise.

also, while i'm ranting: does ANYBODY have any idea how ipadOS determines what application to open certain files in? it seems super inconsistent but there's some occasions where simply tapping a midi file to open it will go straight to xequence; other times it will open in a quick preview-type window within files

thanks guys sorry for ranting i just want to get this down because i love my ipad as a music machine but this is just holding me back from full enjoyment :(

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