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Power Conditioner Questions

Does anybody here deal with hum or unwanted noise? I am currently dealing with this mainly when I use my acoustic guitar but I get zero noise when I use the same setup at church. So it has to be something at my house.

Does anybody have any experience or currently use a power conditioner or something else to eliminate unwanted noise? Thinking I need to get something to run most of my studio equipment with.

I have wanted to do some stuff but every time I get things hooked up, I get noise and then I hyper focus on trying to solve that issue that I waste my time and end up not doing anything and being totally frustrated.

Thanks in advance


  • @TheAudioDabbler the only effective advice in my own case was to use a single shared power outlet for everything. Prior to that I had just one device plugged to different nearby outlet and moving that to the power strip that all the other devices were using was enough to eliminate the noise altogether.

    I understand that other causes can be faulty power supplies and interference-generating devices. I remember that network appliances that use the power lines for communication were particularly nasty in this regard at a friend's apartment.

  • @Grandbear Thanks. I have tried using a shared power outlet, using same power strip. I have a battery powered amp, and a zoom pedal that is battery. If I used those all on battery, no noise, but as soon as I plug in the amp, boom. noise. I am thinking it is something at my house causing the noise but I have not we and unplugged everything yet. I have power running all over the property, well pump, chicken barn, detached garage. It will take a while to figure it out.

  • One alternative is to use a DI box with ground-lift?

    Dynamic microphones pick up electro magnetic noise quite easily (resulting in low-level 50 / 60 Hz sine-wave hum when using plenty of gain). This is not an issue when using condenser microphones...

    ...on the other hand sensitive condensers pick up 'everything' which can also get pretty annoying :sunglasses:

    If it's a 50/60Hz hum it can be filtered out with a narrow notch-filter.

    Sometimes I need to use a ground-loop isolator between the audio-interface and device that is being recorded.

    Anyways as I like different 'noises' it always fun to listen to and try to identify what is causing the noises.
    It could even be a refrigerator at the other side of the house that is causing the noise, lights used in the room etc. etc.
    Or vibrations from the computer that get amplified via the mic-stand on their way to the microphone...

    I'd say start with a high-pass on the input unless it's 'high frequency noise'. In those cases I'd check the shielding on the cables...

    Good Luck!

  • Electrical building code in just about all US states is very lax compared to most countries, so it’s very possible that you have some issues with the way things are wired in your house.

    Do you have fluorescent lighting that might be on the same breaker as the outlets you are using? Sometimes it can generate quite a bit of noise, especially if it is not grounded correctly.

    It’s also worth looking at your cable management to see if unshielded cables are exposed to electrical fields anywhere.

    Power conditioners help to remove noise, but they are more of a band aid than a fix for the problem.

  • @Samu Thanks for the information. I had thought about adding a DI box to my pedal board to see if that helps.

    I remember why I just stuck with acoustic guitar and in the box iPad music for so long. Seems like anytime I venture out there is always some issue I have to solve.

    @michael_m No fluorescent lights, mainly LED, my sons room and my office are on the same breaker. I actually unplugged everything in my studio and his room and still had the noise.

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