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“Challenge You” @joyce_road_studios feat. Vinolirico (new song collab)

“Challenge You” is a collaboration with my friend Vinolirico. He recorded his vocals and piano (on separate tracks) and sent me his song. A raw take, no click track. I nudged, quantized, and stretched out the audio to be more rhythmically even, and put a swing on it. I arranged the song in GarageBand, added guitars (th-u Tone Impera EDIT: th-u Trem63), drums, and background vocals. Exported the stems to Auria Pro where the song was mixed and polished with a combination of MixBox and FabFilter. Enjoy!


  • I really like the vocal and you’ve rightly put that front and centre in the track. The arrangement is tastefully understated and the slowly strummed guitars give it an early 60s feel.

    The production is very professional sounding, excellent mix with all the parts crystal clear and well separated.

  • Well done @JoyceRoadStudios! Love the atmosphere you created around him.

  • Nice job mixing, arranging and playing. The production is excellent.

  • @JoyceRoadStudios : the guitar sound is excellent what treatment did you do to it other than running through the Tone Impera?

  • @espiegel123 said:
    @JoyceRoadStudios : the guitar sound is excellent what treatment did you do to it other than running through the Tone Impera?

    I listed the wrong rig when I initially made this post, probably because I was messing with Tone Impera then and forgot.

    For the track I simply used this awesome preset from the Tremolux 63 rig (with the delay off)…

    Recorded into GarageBand, Motu M4, 3 foot Mogami cable, custom built sss with amazing Mojotone pickups. I baked in the preset when I exported the stem to Auria Pro. Just one stereo channel, panned right down the middle. Nothing else added on the guitar channel. Other instruments aside, you could say then the guitar got bussed through one instance of Pro-Q, then to the master strip for two instances of Pro-MB. I agree that Tremomux preset hit the spot.

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