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A Love unfulfilled Auria and Yamaha Montage

Not to get desperate, I made this 6/8 Ballad with Funk Drummer as Drum Sequencer driving custom Yamaha Drum Samples. then FD didnt export the Midi arrangement into Auria. Seems like only 4/4 miditracks are working, strange. So, first time i made a drumtrack in Auria itself. Not comfortable but ok. Still struggling with gain, Reverb, et c. The fabfilter plug ins are very good. Pro-L2 is so good. So the mid/side thing in Saturn, when high frequencies tweaked. Took me a few weeks beside work. Theres a vocal version 5 semitones higher, but I suck at vocals. I dont dare to post. So a nice evening in peace for you all!


  • I love it. Are all of the synth sounds from the Yamaha Montage? And if so, are they stock presets? Looks like there's a Kontakt library with samples of the stock presets, by a company called Panndora Audio.

    Do you have any interest in developing a fanbase?

    You described your previous release as "Music for the shopping mall" and that's a major theme in vaporwave.

    I know it's not vaporwave, but the fanbase for that genre would love this music. And they're "reachable", you know? With many genres, the fans are not actively searching for new music, and there are no labels promoting it.

  • Thanks for listening! The snare samples are shots from NI 70s drum kit, the others somewhere from the net Idon‘t remember. I did load a best of selection into Montage. I don‘t use stock sounds. All are tweaked. A fanbase would be nice😊. Don‘t know anything about vaporwave. Tell me!

  • @Skyblazer : by the way, today I posted the vocal version although my voice is weak. Makes me vulnerable, but…..

  • It takes a lot of courage to write lyrics like that. Your voice sounds good.

    As for vaporwave...

    Vaporwave is a genre that typically samples relaxing music from the 80s and early 90s, especially love songs and mall music. The samples are slowed down and detuned, chopped up, and fed through delays and ambient reverbs. Vintage synth sounds are added, especially vector synth pads. And then a "decaying cassette tape" plugin often goes on the master bus. And then, labels will often do limited runs of actual cassette tapes. It's warm and nostalgic music, yet it's often experimental, psychedelic, and dreamlike.

    That's the core definition, but there's a lot of variation. The extent to which samples and FX are involved varies. There are many subgenres; if an album has an original theme, chances are, it will spawn a new subgenre. Some artists simply aim to create music that evokes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. In addition to the smooth jazz muzak and love ballads, vaporwave can take influence from genres such as: experimental, ambient, film score music, jazzhop, trap, jungle, electrofunk, citypop, chiptune, and general MIDI music.

    A good album to start with would be 200% Electronica by Esprit.

    I would like to create music which isn't conventional vaporwave, but which has a similar element of nostalgia. I really like the clean, bright timbres you've been working with.

    The album art style for Jeff Lorber's 1985 album "Step by Step" is a perfect example of the vaporwave aesthetic. But a photo of an empty, narrow street during twilight hours would also qualify.

  • @Skyblazer thanks for telling me about this genre! Today i deleted the vocalversion, the vocals are too bad And the lyrics made me vulnerable. May be i make new vocal recordings. I didn‘t sing a few months before. I have to practise again. Thanks for taking the time. By the way, i often walk this street…

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