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Some questions about cubasis 3

I finally bought it! Just a couple of questions for anyone who would indulge me.

How do I set up roseta lfo to affect the parameters of the sound source or the effects?

Where is the channel filter? I’m trying to set up piano motifs so it sends the melody to one synth and the chords arrangement to another. I’m selecting the midi ports under “All midi ports” under “Routing”. It’s not working.

Doing such things is second nature to me in AUM and I would appreciate if someone can help me out.


  • So… I got piano motifs working by running streambyter in the background

    Set up track 1 with PM as midi effect, set midi output to streambyter, all channels

    Set up tr2, midi input streambyter, ch1

    Set up tr3, midi input streambyter, ch2

    Either record-arm tr2 and tr3 or disable ‘midi input only for armed track’ from settings-> midi, otherwise no sound on tr2 and 3

    Probably someone else has better advice, my approach to ios apps is, um, thrashy and dumb

    But it works… haven’t looked at the LFO thing, only PM

  • The answer to the Rosetta lfo question may depend on what you are trying to modulate, is it cubasis itself (i.e. fader or pan?) or the synth on the track?
    I did a quick test and was able to send CC1 (mod wheel) to Micrologue just by adding Rosetta lfo as a midi effect, activating cc1 in Rosetta, and selecting 'midi thru' in Rosetta.
    I don't know how to wobble the fader in Cubasis though as cc7 would go to the synth not Cubasis I think.

    I do all of this kind of stuff in AUM too and look forward to hearing other ideas about what's possible in Cubasis...

  • I love cubasis 3 but I have never had good luck running the Rosetta suite in there. Maybe they’ve cleaned it up since last I tried, who knows, but there were a lot of issues with it getting ‘stuck’ and not sending / cubasis not reading midi notes correctly…it was intermittent and annoying so I just usually try to avoid sending midi notes in cubasis with other apps if I can avoid it.

  • So if you’re desperate to control a synth via PM and run it through an au effect modulated by rozeta lfo onto the cubasis timeline…

    As long as you don’t mind hosting PM, your synth, rozeta lfo and the au effect in AUM, you can put a visual swift transmitter in the effects chain in AUM, put a VS receiver in a cubasis audio track and make sure ableton link is active… you can get the resulting audio into cubasis like that

    I think @Samu (and others for sure) have discussed this in detail in various threads now.

    The problem is, at least for newer users like me, once you’ve played on AUM and decided you need a timeline, then you buy cubasis or similar, you go blind to the topical discussions as you get sucked into the “why can’t I xyz” vortex

    Then of course there is the option of invoking some knowledgable user on here, but I don’t really like to ask without trying first, so I end up wasting my time and then later feeling like I’m wasting someone else’s time to go over stuff they covered previously…

    Roll on proper midi routing in cubasis etc

  • edited November 2022

    As far as I know 'AUM Like' Audio & Midi routing and filtering in Cubasis is still not possible and only time will tell if it ever will be so there is currently (to my knowledge) no way to route and map the output to a specific AUParameter from a Midi AUV3 Plug-In hosted in Cubasis to another specified AUv3 be it instrument or effect.

    If someone finds away an easy and logical way to do this I will stand corrected... arounds using AUM as a middle man to accomplish a task yes, but I'm totally fed up with 'LEGO FrankenDAWs' on iOS/iPadOS...


  • Hi. I keep getting bad crackles and dropouts when using Cubasis 3 stock plugins. The Channel strip, Master Strip… they’re unusable. Is anyone else experiencing this?. Only happens with stock plugins, the crackle and dropouts disappear as soon as I mute the plugins. Tried changing all sorts of settings to no avail.
    I was hoping to use the Spatializer in the master strip to Widen a master, but I can’t. In the meantime can you recommend some spatial widener thingy to master?.

  • Assume you are aware of the 'system info' panel at the bottom of the leftside menu?
    This'll show you if cpu or dsp are struggling. I find that dsp spikes if I scroll around cubasis projects while its playing and crackle and pop are the end result.

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