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For Barbara

I like the SWAM Soprano Saxophone…
I like Church Organs and Choirs…
I like messing about (improvising?) on GeoShred…
I like the music of (the late and great) Barbara Thompson…
So (you have been warned) here is me improvising using GeoShred to play SWAM Soprano Saxophone and BeatHawk Choir over a (Piano Motif played) BeatHawk Church organ backing in my pretty poor tribute to Barbara….


  • Soulful Sunday. Kicks at 3:08. I’ll have to search Barbara.

  • I returned at 6:20, nice “garbarek”.

  • edited August 29

    Very nice. This may be your best solo yet!

    PS: My favorite swam sax is the alto. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth it.

  • I didn't know who Barbara was but you made me care.

  • Well this certainly helps Monday morning!

  • Thanks @LinearLineman , @szczyp, @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr, @Stochastically and @sevenape .
    I only managed to see Barbara once, 82 or 83 I think, at the Band on the Wall in Manchester (funnily enough mentioned in Adam Neely’s latest video)
    She was playing with her band Paraphernalia and (I think) Jon Hiseman from Colosseum (her husband) was playing drums.
    Sadly she had Parkinson’s for the last 25 years of her life.
    There is some amazing footage from a documentary about her of her shaking badly from the disease and then picking the saxophone up, instantly stopping shaking and playing like the disease didn’t exist.

  • Damn, hadn’t realised she’d died. Saw her when I was at uni, probably 78 or 79, with Paraphernalia. Not my usual musical cup of tea, but that concert was astounding.

    This is a fantastic piece, @GeoTony .

  • @GeoTony, thanks for another lovely sax track and the ongoing musical education. I, too, like organs, choirs, and saxophone. You bring it all together so nicely.

  • Cheers @bygjohn and @myapologies 👍
    This is the BBC documentary about her that was made some time ago.. well worth watching for many reasons…

  • Really nice performance @GeoTony. You get the juice out of these SWAM instruments in ways that a magical.
    I glad we have these tools on our iPads.

  • Just another plug for this documentary which was repeated on the BBC a couple of nights ago…
    I had forgotten how inspiring it was…
    For anybody impacted by Parkinson’s or just for people who love jazz it’s a great watch.
    This is the link on iPlayer…

  • Nice piece of music!!! (coming from someone who really doesn't like the soprano sax)

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