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Where are my files gone?

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I am relatively new to the IPad environment, but have been using an MacBook Pro for years. Lately, I have been encountering an issue that is driving me mad, and I cannot find the answer to it.

When I use the Files app and I try to find the projects I have been working on Drambo, all the latest project files are not there, the only ones I can see are the first ones I saved months ago, but I can see, open, save and modify these latest files absolutely fine through the app. I have attached some pics that describe this better:

I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light, as I just don’t know what to do.

Thanks in advance.


  • @parnarules_85 : I believe that Drambo (like many iOS apps that are both standalone and AUv3) uses internal directories not exposed to Files. The reasons are complex and have to do with how AUv3 sandboxiibg works.

  • It's also possible you may have saved some files on the iPad and others in your iCloud hard drive?

  • Drambo's internal files are not accessible to the Files app. This situation is common to many iPad apps, and is due to the sandboxing requirements, and to the restrictions on AUv3 apps in particular. Even apps that do have a folder in Files may have other data that is hidden. I realize that this is a strange situation for someone coming from a normal computer, but it is the way it is.

    Drambo does allow you to export files to a cloud server (or maybe to Files), but those will always just be copies of the internal files. If you make the default Drambo file storage iCloud (not local), then the files will be visible, but they'll be stored on iCloud. Alternatively, Drambo can temporarily run a WebDAV server that can be accessed by other computers, or even on the iPad with a suitable app. It's all a bit tangled, and you need to find your own way to deal with it.

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    Many thanks for your answers, I wasn’t aware of the sandboxes requirements on IPads, it makes all the sense now. I wanted to use my iPad’s local drive to store drambo’s project files so I changed that in the ICloud settings and since then, nothing that I have done in Drambo has been stored in the Files app.

    I just wanted to back up those files and save a copy somewhere else in case something happened to this Ipad, so I don’t lose the files.

    I will export them to the ICloud server now.

    Thanks again!

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