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Brass Bands in Space

edited August 1 in Creations

It was to general bemusement that 3 years ago NASA (Northern Academy for Space Acoustics) announced their plan to put a Brass Band into space.
This they said, was to test the popular theory, badly misquoted in the seminal 1979 film Alien that, ‘In space no one can hear you play the top note on an Eb Soprano Cornet’
Despite numerous setbacks, the mission finally launched on 10th June 2022 with the aim of travelling to the moon and back.
After a perfect take off, things started to go badly wrong when the absence of gravity started to alter the brass players’ embouchures.
All seemed well, even to the point of touching down but unknown to mission control at the time, the ship had traversed a space / time worm hole and had landed on an alien hostile exo planet.
This is the first time recordings from the mission have been made available and include the final poignant wordless plea (before all communications were lost) by the remaining crew members, to take them to their original destination…

Art by AI…


  • Very very cool!
    I did not know this.
    You are so appreciated, Tony.

  • edited August 1

    PhanBandTastic. Three great sections. Burt is out in space saluting you.

  • “I did not know this.”

    I suspect zero gravity is great for embouchures. The horn would be weightless. Trombone playing would be fun for a change.

    Embouchure or lipping is the use of the lips, facial muscles, tongue, and teeth in playing a wind instrument. This includes shaping the lips to the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument or the mouthpiece of a brass instrument. The word is of French origin and is related to the root bouche, 'mouth'. Proper embouchure allows instrumentalists to play their instrument at its full range with a full, clear tone and without strain or damage to their muscles.

    It also adds character to the face sometimes. Paul Newman played a trumpet player in “Paris Blues” and mentioned that it added definition to his face.

    I liked the jazz movie “Round Midnight” that featured a real tenor sax musician named Dexter Gordon. He would only play the choicest notes… very few scales.

  • Compelling and story driven track. Great work.

  • edited August 1

    @3:30, I like the Fly Me Me to The Moon reharmonization.

    Also, I sense Tijuana Brass was one of your influences? The story telling is a nice change of pace. So is the humor.

  • Thanks @ReneAsologuitar , @LinearLineman , @McD , @Identor and @Blipsford_Baubie for the listen and comments.
    I thought labelling a track Brass Bands… might be the kiss of death on the forum but who cares!
    Burt or Bart @LinearLineman ?
    I was pleased with the FMTTM bit @Blipsford_Baubie . Funnily enough I was into Herb (so to speak) when I was about 16 (I had strange tastes) and used to spin Music for Pleasure discs in my bedroom…

  • This moves. This pulses. It’s alive.
    This is very well done.

  • Just don’t clean your spit valve in zero-g. Things could get messy.
    Very fun, very strange, very enjoyable.

  • Anything with brass gets my attention. This is cool, @GeoTony. The fly me to the moon melody was a nice way to end it.

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