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MIDI routes inside AUM

You can route MIDI from anywhere to everywhere in AUM

and that is true. But it is starting to get a bit confusing what is doing what, when and where.

I'm following a discussion on the ipad musicians group on FB and there is a fellow ipad noodler that tried to get some hardware going from a MIDI strip. Nothing that special you would assume.

However if I try to assign the strip itself into the menu to a MIDI channel it keeps sending everything out on channel 1 (as viewed by a MIDI monitor).

You have to do some menu diving to get there from pressing the word MIDI under the strip, an icon with 4 sliders and then the 3 dots. The menu then shows " Set MIDI ChannelS (So more channels in a batch or the strip itself?)

However everything stays on channel 1. Only if you change it in the node AU3 it starts on a different channel.

Along the way to the right there's the MIDI ROUTER and again a lot of options, filters and what not.
Funny thing is the symbol now looks like a pin?

After that you can go into the "hamburger" menu on the right top and you find the MIDI ROUTING matrix again and MIDI CONTROL.

But didn't we just configured that in the strip or is this something different? Yes I read the manual 10 times a day, but its a lot of txt. I'm more a visual guy. Even my name is Bennie Blind

In the MIDI CONTROL section you can assign again on all the 3 dotted symbols a channel. At a headline called "SYSTEM" as well. So what is this different than before? Again the confusion is getting to great heights. Time for a manual read again.

And again; a sub menu called Channels and you guessed it. You can assign Set MIDI CHANNELS (plural) to control the channel itself I guess.

So if this is making ANY sense to any of you please chime in.
Luckily I know how to set the AU3 app to a channel and that's the way it works.



  • @Bennie : I am not following what you are saying. AUM does not normally re-channelize midi. Are you sure the AU is sending on a channel other than channel 1?

  • Yes. All the MIDI filtering options apply to MIDI arriving at a node. Any node output filtering or modification must be done by the node itself.

    Also, the MIDI Control configuration under the AUM hamburger menu applies to controlling AUM itself. It has nothing to do with sending MIDI to a node, or controlling the node parameters.

    If you describe what you're trying to do, we could help you with that. You want to route MIDI from Rozeta Bassline to an external hardware device? In the routing matrix, tap in the Rozeta column and the row of the hardware. Any MIDI configuration needed for the output, you do inside Rozeta, or with an app/script following it if necessary. It gets more interesting if the hardware has some controls (pads, knobs, etc.) that you want to use to control Rozeta.

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