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Audient ID4 mk1 vs mk2 vs Evo 4

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hello Forum,

I´ve got some luck this week, money back from my energy company (it is always the other way around...) and also from the government, children after school care was closed because of Covid a long time ago, and they paid me back extra, because of a wrong calculation earlier.

So I wondered about getting an new small audio interface. I have narrowed my choice to Audient ID4 or Evo 4. But I have a few questions:

The ID4, does it really brings the volume to zero when the Ipad goes to sleep? My Ipad is corporate modified, and when a few minutes it is not touched it goes to sleep and I need to enter a 6 digit code. When I open AUM or other audio apps this doesn´t happen, but if every time my Ipad goes to sleep, I have to enter the code, and then also bring back the volume with the big knob, I go crazy

Second question, I am mostly interested in the JFET guitar input, I can buy a mk1 for 70 euro at a local pawn shop. From what I have read the mk2 is not any better when it comes to the guitar input. Is a mk1 still a good buy, or is it not so good compared to mk2 (128 euro new).

Last one, the Evo 4, does this one also have the habbit the volume goes to zero when Ipad goes to sleep? From what I have read is uses the same JFET guitar input.

If Audient really has these quirks, I think I go for Tascam 1x2hr, nothing special but has an extra usb port to power it with a powerbank. That is a nice feature to make the interface portable.

Any knowledge here? Thanks in advance.


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    I don't know how Audient ID4 or Evo 4 behaves when the iPad is in sleep mode, sorry.

    The following is about a problem with headphone use.
    (You may not need to read this if you do not intend to use headphones or if you are familiar with headphones.)

    I think you should note that Tascam 1x2hr has a high Output impedance of 66ohms for headphone out.

    (My first knowledge of problems with headphone output high impedance in audio interfaces came from Audio Science Review forum.
    There were several threads about Tascam 2x2hr with the same output impedance as the 1x2hr, and I also read a thread there about the difficulty in getting headphones to sound right.
    There is also a topic of the output impedance values of the iD4 MK II & iD14 MK II headphones in the "iD4 & iD14 MK II - Audient updated their Audio Interfaces" thread in that forum.)

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    @cramdog said:

    I think you should note that Tascam 1x2hr has a high Output impedance of 66ohms for headphone out.

    Thanks, that is a good warning. I know about Audio Science, things go pretty deep there. From what I have looked up on the internet, the output of a device needs to be 1/8 of the headphone impedance, as a simple rule. So 66 ohm needs like a 528 ohm headphone, if they even exist. I have a closed 250 ohm and 32 ohm open headphone. I like the 32 ohm better when I am working with my Ipad, because I can still hear people in the house talking to me.

    Annoying gear designers never get it right the first time, every device has some small flaws. So the Tascam is very portable with the powerbank socket, but you need a proper headphone amp to use it as a mobile device. That is counter productive.

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    I have an answer about the volume drop to zero. When the ID4 is powered off, all settings disappear. WIth a PC this is after every shut down. For Ipad you have to use a powered hub anyway, so as long as the powered hub provides power, the volume stays on the last setting, even when the Ipad turns to sleep.

    Evo 4 is really close to ID4, so I just have to toss a coin to make a choice. Evo 4 has 1 mega ohm resistance on the guitar input like an amplifier, ID4 has 500K. So in theory Evo 4 is better for guitar recording, the pickups getting the right load (?). Putting a buffered pedal in the signal chain changes this for both.

  • So to close my own topic, I just got the ID4 mk2.

    I have to say this interface runs pretty well

    If I turn off the Ipad the position of the output volume is preserved.

    I had the UAD Volt 1 in my mind for a long time, the Volt can be powered with a powerbank for mobile use, and the ID4 needs a powered hub. But from what I have read the mic and instrument pre-amps of the ID4 are a bit better. So in the end I went for the ID4 mk2.

    Only thing is there is a little hiss in my guitar signal with the Nembrini amp engaged, maybe because this setup had no wire to ground. With the amp out of the signal chain the hiss is gone. And I wonder of this ID4 Jfet pre amp is really better than Apogee Jam 1st version (at 48 khz max.)

    p.s. this is a symptom of GAS, posting newly purchased gear on a forum, I am aware of that :-)

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