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Xsonic Xtone issues and Censorship on their forums

For anyone using XSONIC Audio products just beware they don't like ANY criticism and they'll ban you form their forums just for stating facts!, they just banned me from showing the tests I made to their "Xtone Pro", so for anyone using their products beware, they have NO customer support and their only person who responds to emails and their forum moderator "Elroy C Hu" will block you immediately!, here are the issues I found with their Xtone Pro:

  • MIDI switches are useless (and noisy!) as they send MIDI data only while "releasing" the switch and not at the "Press" which makes them useless for any precise control of tap-tempo, loopers, etc.

  • The continuous control data buffer skips lots of data as it only sends in steps of 8: "0-8-16-24-32.. etc" instead of a smooth 0-127 in steps of 1 value which makes their CC useless for any fine control of volumes, etc. as you'll hear a horrible "skipping, staircase" effect

  • The phase response of these units is flawed as it creates too much group delay and frequency phase shift where it should have a FLAT phase response, attached here is the result of the Transfer Function made on SMAART, see the inverted polarity of its outputs plus the frequency phase shift

  • Inverted polarity (negative) on its 1/4 jack outs and headphone outs and positive polarity on its XLR out!, so if you're using both outputs at the same time you'll have cancellations

  • Too much Roundtrip Latency even at higher sample rates/low buffer, the screenshot here shows almost 12 milliseconds at 96K and 128 buffer

  • Fixed instrument input with no input level control and fixed limiter and High Pass Filter which heavily affects the dynamics and low frequency response of instruments, (especially low-tuned guitars)

  • The unit is not reliable at all for live use as it constantly stops sending MIDI messages and you have to unplug it and reboot it

Do NOT buy any XSONIC Audio products! their "Airstep" pedals are also full of bugs!

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