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Sustain pedal in Drambo

Hi all!

I'm wondering if anyone else has found a way to retrigger notes while holding the sustain pedal on a keyboard controller? I.e. if I play a C3, and hold the sustain pedal so that the note continues to ring, then play C3 while continuing to hold sustain, is there any setting in Drambo (or workaround/hack) which I can change so that the new note takes precedence over the held note?

Essentially, my goal is to be able to play keyboard / E.piano patches the same way I would on a real piano or poly synth, and it's kind of harshing my vibe to not be able to repeat chords/notes without letting go of the sustain altogether. If it's not possible currently, might I suggest this be added as an optional setting in the Midi to CV module in a future update?

And if I'm missing something obvious let me know! :smile:


  • Interesting. I've been in touch with @giku_beepstreet regarding voice handling and this kind of re-triggering like on a real instrument would make sense.
    Thanks for asking, we're going to discuss it.

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