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Novation Launchpad and Loopy Midi clock sync

edited June 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

Does anyone know if i can sync launchpad with loopy so that they will work with perfect timing?, currently i only find on loopy's midi settings output to launch pad but they dont work on time...., does anybody knows if this is posible and how to make it?


  • edited February 2016

    We confirm that it can works. You just need to make sure that LoopyHD is a slave to Launchpad (as Launchpad needs to be the sync master). One thing to check, make sure that Link is disabled or this particular set-up.

  • Great update indeed because it allows to midi sync both apps.
    You can now create new loop via audiobus with loopy hd in output
    You'll only need launchpad playing in background actually
    Been waitin' for this for ages
    Thks Launchpadforios

  • @Johnba said:
    Thks Launchpadforios

    You're welcome!

  • Just purchased the Midi Sync Output. Then clocked that to Midi to Link, then Linked it up to Patterning, then Bassline. Used the Dub & Reggae sound pack(140bpm), then pressed play.............. WOW!........... Acid House Dub, & then Dub FX live while playing............ Frigging Awsome!!...... I hope one day Novation will add Ableton Link as a bonus eventually?.. But all good, & full of Dub Madness....... >:)

  • Now if Novation could make there LaunchPad timestretch the SoundPacks to any BPM, other than its default. Then Link could be implemented? If it can, then I'm not aware of it. Still, once you know the BPM of the sound Packs, you can work around it.

  • I thought the app did time stretch. Certainly you can set the tempo at a different one to the default on the loading screen.

  • Yes you can. You can set tempo at the start of your project, But can it do in real time warp(without coming out of the page you are working on)...... Bit like Traktor DJ, or DJ Pro app?....

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