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Ibassist and a drummer in Quantiloop, disable count in?

hello Forum,

A new member here, I used to follow the mobile music maker scene closely with my first generation Ipad and the Palmsounds website. Then after a while I lost my interest, but I want to try it again, and the Black Friday discount had set me back on track with a lot of interesting apps.

But right now I have a little problem with Quantiloop Pro.

In Quantiloop I choose Ibassist as the rhythm player. In Ibassist I choose a drummer, for example reggae drummer of funk drummer. With Ableton link there apps respond to start-stop, but Ibassist has a count in.

So when I record a guitar loop, and stop the sound, and start it again, the loop starts and Ibassist is one bar too late, the guitar chords don´t match with the bas notes.

When I turn off abelton link in Ibassist (stand alone) the count in is gone, but start-stop sync with the drummer is lost.

Is there a solution for this problem? Is it possible to give Quantiloop a count in too after a stop and start? I could bounce the bass and drum loop to an audio file, but than my jam is not that dynamic anymore.


  • And my problem is solved. In the rhythm section, there is an option for start on play, start on record. Under the on/off button is an hidden menu, and there you can choose count in. With this option enabled you hear a click 4 times and then the loops and ibassist and the drummer start on the same time.

    I think this is a very powerfull combination. Just type the notes and chords you want to play in Ibassist, generate a drum beat, and start looping, jamming and soloing. Like a Digitech Trio+ pedal but with much more control.

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