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Now That’s What I Call Piano Motifs : Volume One

Just finished my first Album, all tracks created and inspired by Piano Motifs with no additional playing… it is called… ‘The Piano Motifs Album’… 15 tracks in all…


  • @GeoTony said:
    Just finished my first Album, all tracks created and inspired by Piano Motifs with no additional playing… it is called… ‘The Piano Motifs Album’… 15 tracks in all…

    Good album. I listened to the whole thing and am now revisiting favorite tracks. #9 is my favorite; sounds like a GeoSax solo.

    How did you make the tablas, and the guitar sound on the guitar piece?

  • This is great!!!! Love it.

  • Piano Motifs is a wonderful program.
    I like how you have been able to operate it with sobriety and with sensitivity. Sometimes less is more, here it is.
    For 30 minutes and 6 seconds I had a very nice and relaxing trip. Thank you !

    PS: and someone who refers to Steve, Jean-Sébastien, and Arvo can't be a bad person ;-)

  • edited July 22

    Fantastic work @GeoTony! Really enjoyed Reich & Bach fall, Moog Mew and Drone On.

  • There’s nothing nicer (that’s printable) than waking up in the morning to lovely comments from members of this forum. Many thanks, especially to those that listened all the way through. I did try and place the tracks so that they complimented each other and enhanced the album.
    @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr , yes it is GeoTenorSax with a bit of extra expression applied at recording time via the GeoShred X/Y pad.
    The guitar sound on track 12 is E. Guitar Clean Chorus from ThumbJam passed through the new Gain Stage Acoustic Amplifier from Blue_Mangoo and then Lofionic Duplicat.
    The tablas are from the India pack in BeatHawk. There are three channels of them, left, centre and right. One has no delay, one has a bit and one has a lot (Moodunits delay). This gives it a bit of the polyrhythmic, toe tapping feel. The trick with this is find a sweet spot as to which ‘pads’ Piano Motifs is hitting by using the Transpose feature in AUM. So the three channels are transposed by -46, -48 and -40 respectively. If you have BeatHawk open while you adjust the Transpose you eventually see the pads lighting up as they are triggered. This trick works with any app that is a source of percussion / drums.

  • I meant to say @ChiffonDoux , the JSB reference in this case was just to get the play on words in the track title but I am a fan of JSB and indeed CPEB. I was trying to keep it simple so thank you. I think Part is probably the master of simplicity, something like ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ being a great example of being at the same time incredibly simple and very moving.

  • I missed the post here somehow, but got to the album when Gavinski posted on his twitter. It is an amazing journey indeed. There are albums where somehow you don't listen to it all in one take (with life's distractions helping too 😜). But this is so captivating, I just kept going

    Thanks for this. You are awesome 🥰

  • Blimey, didn’t even know @Gavinski had been kind enough to do that,,, fame at last😊
    Also thank you very much for your kind words @senhorlampada

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