StompBox Update 1.21 - Hum Problem

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On my iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1, i have a hum or buzz, only on the right side, after updating to ver 1.21.
Only in the FX-slot and it is not recordable with BeatMaker or Auria in the output-slot.
I can hear it without activating monitoring and recording in BeatMaker, or activating StompBox in the input-matrix in Auria.
I think StompBox audio output is also running parallel to AudioBus output...


  • Unrelated to your issue, but in regards to the all itself; what do you think of it? In comparison to JamUp Pro and/or Ampkit+? The effects sound good?

    I've been going back and forth whether to pick it up or not or wait for a sale. Thanks!

  • Have you tried uninstalling, soft reboot, reinstalling?

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    The FX are good and stereo.
    At the moment it´s my favortite.

    I also use JamUp Pro XT.

    Have not done much with Ampkit+, waiting for the soon to come AudioBus update...

    I only tried soft reboot.

  • Hi @Spacedog, I'd experienced the same problem with a hum. I've been in touch with Paul from 4pockets about it and said it will be fixed in the next release. I also believe they are going to make it available in the input slot too.

  • Hi @Andrew,

    I´m taking about the brand new version 1.21 with input slot support.
    So when did you talk with Paul about it?

  • Sorry @spacedog. I am away for the weekend without my iPad.

    My contact with Paul was before this update. I did not realise it was out.

    I see under "What's New" the Feb 23 entry states they "Fixed a bug which caused buzzing in Loopy HD.." I'll see if my setup works when I get back later.

    Might be a good idea to contact 4pockets direct, i got quick replies.

    My problem sounded like yours. Horrible hum/ buzz in right side ( headphone for me) I had it when using Loopy HD and MTdaw as outputs- but not Audioshare (?)

    My recording was not affected in any output app.

    iPad 4 and Sonuus i2m.

  • I just tried Guitarism > Stompbox > Loopy HD with iPad 2 (latest update) and didn't experience any noticeable buzz through headphones. Just thought I'd share to help narrow it down.

  • This might be obvious but I feel like I need to point it out: You need to update Stompbox before the fix can kick in. Sometimes it helps to delete the app and do a fresh install from the app store (make sure to back it up before if you've got some of your own settings in there).

  • After deleting and reloading StompBox the buzz is still there.

    No buzz in AudioShare.
    Buzz in Loopy.

    If I change the loading/startup-sequence in the AudioBus panel from input-fx-output to input-output-fx then there is no buzz with BeatMaker as output...

    thanks for your answers.

    did inform 4-pockets.

  • May not be related but I had a buzz/feedback noise with tj as input/ bm2 as output.
    monitor was enabled and effects were on in bm2 on 2 audio tracks.noise would stop if monitor was switched off.
    Loaded a new song(no effect) and noise was gone.

    Will try again later today and see if its still there.

  • The buzz you talk about only seemed to happen with certain apps but as of version 1.21 it seems to be fixed for me? Check the version number in Options=>About=>Version Information.

  • I've just updated and tried Stompbox as both an input and an effect (from microphone input) into outputs Loopy, MTDaw and Cubasis and it seems to be working just fine for me. No hum or buzzing.

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