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Another jamup vs amplitube thread :)

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I'm beginning to feel buyers remorse - I have amplitube and have purchased a lot of IAP. that being said, is it worth it to switch to jamup/bias?

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  • No need to feel remorseful, a lot of people like the IK Multimedia products, and they do have first part support and a snappy interface.

    That being said, I do prefer JamUp, and depending on the device, BIAS as well.

    JamUp has a free version (I believe) with about 4 amps and some basic effects like a TubeScreamer. While there are tons of other sounds available for purchase, you should be able to tell if you notice a significant difference from using that version alone.

    BIAS has gotten a lot of hype, and most of it is warranted. The amps within that program definitely sound more tube-like and realistic, and you get a lot of content for the purchase price. However, they sound a little different once imported into JamUp, and BIAS itself does not have any effects. Most of all, BIAS is really meant for the newer iDevices. It will run on something like a iPhone 4s or iPad2, but you will encounter slowdown and glitches.

    I think JamUp is a superior product, but you can effectively use any of the main options to make good music (JamUp, Agile AmpKit, Amplitube, and now Flying Haggis). It's mostly about trial/error and figuring out how to get your input/output levels right.

  • BIAS, yes definitely. Also check out Flying Haggis, great tone (as good as BIAS IMO) and no IAPs.

  • bias ...jamup and flying haggis and your all set

  • It's not a matter of switching.... They are different products. Depending on the guitar sound I want I will go to ampkit, IK, jamup/bias.... I have no iPad but got the flying haggis demo on Mac and must say it seemed to not impress. Hell maybe that was just a bad day for me, not a judgment. Every app is useful at its own time, depending on how much time you spend on them. I am discovering the IK amps are great for filtering of effects on AB. I like plugging my theremin into it and scanning presets for sfx.

    If you want more and different guitar effects get jamup. It's not like you will never use the other again.

    If so.... Then your soundcloud will be just another "samesongcloud"

  • Thanks all. Now with ab2 chaining, does anyone use amplitube with bias?

  • @eroxx if you are not pleased with Amplitube up to this point, then looking other places maybe your only option. By stating you have many IAP, I am thinking you have liked it up till recently. I actually went the other way, had Jam up then got Amplitube some time after...Bias some time after that. I can run bias/jamup on ipad 2 no problem and at the same time btw.

    Your preference is your preference, are you missing out, I'd say no, if so...not a lot. I do prefer Jamup to Amplitube, but mostly because it's what I started with on the ipad.

    Some options:

    Sonoma wire works Guitar tone looks good, they have a very active forum and plan for the option of dedicated hardware soon. I have not used it yet, but at $3 starting, it may be worth a look.

    Auria has Overloud and Saturn, if you own a copy of Auria.

    Just remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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    @eroxxx said:

    Thanks all. Now with ab2 chaining, does anyone use amplitube with bias?

    I do not, to much processing on 16bit and they depend on clean signal, maybe in parallel but not in series (layering 2 separated tracks but not one into the other). Although, maybe you might try it and post a song out of it.

  • Jamup pro no question here! I too love Flying Haggis. In fact I am thinking hard on getting the big clean amp pack with that sustain peddle today perhaps for Jamup!

  • Sorry if I'm "amping" up the question here (groan) but in wondering if after spending about $30, it's worth it to buy into jamup. Bias I can understand bc in many ways it's a different product, from what I know anyway

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  • I personally love the BIAS + JamUp combo, simply because the sheer amount of customization available that no other iOS amp modeler can touch. Amplitube has never really impressed me.

    Note that AmpKit actually has some great tones. I'm not a huge fan of the UI, although it's pretty efficient, but I haven't invested in all the IAPs/bundles simply because BIAS + JamUp have me quite satisfied.

    I think JamUp without BIAS is a harder sell. It's a fine app on its own, and has some great stompboxes, but the ability to plug BIAS amps right into the chain is what really does the trick for me.

    So, if you aren't using BIAS, I would say AmpKit/JamUp/Amplitube are all pretty much a wash depending on your personal tastes. But if you DO use BIAS, then JamUp is a no brainer.

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    After plenty of trial and error i found ampkit to be the app for me. Main reason being that it's output volume is much higher than any mentioned above (apart from haggis which I don't have). Has anyone experienced this? I.e. The volume is not a match to average synth out there apart from maybe imini which volumes are all over the shop.
    This makes me think that the good level of ampkit will also provide good level to noise ratio when recording.

  • I currently switch between Amplitube, Jamup Pro and AmpKit+. Ampkit has Trace Eliot gear, Jamup+Bias needs no explanation, and Amplitube nearly stole the show when they added Studio and Drummer (then flopped when they didn't allow drummer to work when used with Audiobus or IAA). To me, buying effects pedals on the iPad is far more cost effective than buying a bunch of real pedals, then putting them in a shoe box in the closet.

  • @supadom - Yes, the output is undeniably higher in AmpKit+, but two things: (1) for recording/DAW purposes, I actually find it harder to work with because you really have to work to tame the output. It's possible, but to get good clean tones without bizarre volume and gain settings that don't seem to correspond to real life is a bit of a challenge.

    (2) I believe the default output setting in "settings" is "Solo", as opposed to "Mix". Solo mode purposefully boosts the bass (and possibly output), assuming that most people just want to plug in to the app itself and sound powerful. I have it set to "Mix" now, since I do a bit of DAW recording. Still louder than JamUp, but more realistic. I always felt like the licensed stuff in AmpKit (Peavey, etc.) sounds good, and their Marshalls are okay, but most of the imitation models of Fenders, etc. are not as good as JamUp. And I use Flying Haggis as much or more than AmpKit due to its simplicity and vintagey tones.

    As for what @kwalker0210 said, ANY of these options is going to be cost-effective if it stops you from trying to collect real life stompboxes!

  • Am I the only one that thinks BIAS has an annoying digital artifact in its distortion? It's too trebly, distortions don't sound organic but with an annoying hi-frequency fizz. Cleans are great and warm and they accept dirt pedals (real or digital) extremely well, but amp distortions (in jamup too) are cold, edgy, trebly, fizzy, metallic. I'm trying ampkit and it sounds very natural and organic. But it's pricey!

  • I find it sounds a bit harsh at times, but it's an amp simulator not an actual amp so I eq the shit out of it and find creative ways to embellish its strengths.

    I have not tried ampkit.

  • MMM that clean pack with the sustain pedal is definitely Sweeeeeet! I went ahead and got it for Jam up pro xt and my friend and I played until very late in the night.

  • Just purchased jamup pro :D I still have 10 euros... Maybe I'll buy metal expansion or metal signature later...
    Positive grid should add some new effects...

  • @Dramatispersona13 said:

    Just purchased jamup pro :D I still have 10 euros... Maybe I'll buy metal expansion or metal signature later...
    Positive grid should add some new effects...

    In the U.S. store, at least (and presumably w/ the Euro too), JamUp's packs actually do go on sale. I bought most of them for $4.99 U.S., but even at the regular price ($9.99 U.S.) it's not a bad deal. AmpKit has sales less frequently and their base price for stuff is twice as much. (I vented about that in another thread).

    Glad you're enjoying JamUp Pro! The only issue I have with it is that I'm not a metal player and many of the amps and add-on packs are very metal-focused. Still, I couldn't believe how quiet they run at high gain, provided you have a good non-headphone jack interface.

  • For all JamUp users, be sure to check out Ola Englund's latest preset:

  • The metal signature pack has a lot in it that is not metal- the ola clean amp (called ola peace) is fantastic and the effects pedals are great. It also has a jc120 for the Merrow clean amp.

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