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Gestrument Pro 1.2 + Klezmer video

Hi everyone - today we release Gestrument Pro 1.2. There are many things we would have loved to include, but we have focused on two main things - trying to get rid of as much as possible of the crackles introduced with iPadOS13 (we can't solve it completely without Apple, since the main problem is in AUSampler) and getting the possibility for people to get a free trial before buying (which means we included both a subscription and a one-off payment possibility).

We also want to share this video of me playing together with world leading clarinet player Martin Fröst on a Klezmer tune. Will soon post a bog post about it on our website.


  • I was just reading up the new changes. Already unlocked it so I doubt there's much difference in my use case but I'm thankful that it's becoming more available for people to use.

  • Yes, that was our main focus now - some more presets, less crackle and easier for people to test. Hopefully we can get back to adding more features soon!

  • great update! i’ve made some great ideas with this app and need to spend more time with it, def has a lot of potential to drive some good jams!

    not exactly sure what’s going on in this picture, is there any videos covering some of these settings?

  • The Via slider is covered both in the User Guide and in our tutorials - please check them out at

    In this example it's about mapping the amount of randomization via a slider and then choosing is "Slider at 0" means zero amount of randomness or not. Using the Mid as zero point is very effective when for instance changing the range of an instrument from a centre pitch and then adding both higher and lower pitches gradually.

  • excellent thank you!
    is ableton link a possibility for future updates?

  • @reasOne said:
    excellent thank you!
    is ableton link a possibility for future updates?

    i suppose if you load gestrument inside aum it syncs that way, perhaps that’s enough. i didn’t try that until now

  • Yes, exactly - that's the idea for now. We have Link on our to-do list, but it's a veeeery long list;-)

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