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Sonoma GuitarTone + 2 channel interface (Apogee ONE)

Has anyone tried using a 2-channel interface into Sonoma's GuitarTone app? I'd like to give it a shot, but I can't get the input working right using my Apogee One. I can hear my guitar input if I turn up the Monitor 2 mix level, but it's just the dry mix; GuitarTone doesn't process it. It WILL process the Monitor 1 mix, which is the One's internal mic.

Any ideas?


  • It sounds like GuitarTone is receiving a stereo signal, but is processing only one of the two channels. I had this situation with MIDImorphosis a while back, and had to add a toggle switch. JamUp has a similar toggle feature. If there's a toggle in GuitarTone, try switching left to right; if not you might be stuck (unless the Apogee has a toggle -- but you've probably looked for something like that already).

  • I don't know in that one. I know in Jamup and bias you can choose just the right channel (the 1/4" input) as your input.

  • Yep, that's exactly the problem.. there is no toggle to select the desired input channel. I emailed Sonoma support to describe the problem and see if there was a workaround or at least to get it on their radar for a future update. We'll see if/how they respond.

    In the meantime I was able to demo the app using my cheapie Peavey Amplink (headphone input)


  • edited March 2014

    Update: Sonoma WireWorks responded to my support request with the following:

    Hello Jesse,


    Sorry for the late reply, the team has been away in Germany for Musikmesse. Currently GutiarTone does not support being on input 2 but we have a free update coming out soon which will fix this. Thank you for your patience,


    Good to know!

  • 4pockets recently updated Stompbox (I'd chatted with them about it and the responded and added it - great work devs), to allow true stereo selection. That means it will both read from stereo audio via a stereo input, (I use an RP255 pedal into USB via CCK), and read stereo FX - e.g. ping pong - applied in the pedal and pass it through as stereo (not fold to mono), and also allow it to be used as part of a stereo FX chain in the FX slot in Audiobus. Great addition!

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