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Guitarism thru JamUp then into Cubasis via Audiobus

edited February 2013 in App Tips and Tricks

Just whipped this together today to show how easy it is to record some guitar into Cubasis with thanks to Guitarism and Audiobus app.


  • Theme tune from 4400, one of my favourites. :)

  • @PaulB, a little laid back version of the 4400 theme. trying to get my wife to lay down some vocals since she loves that song but she's a bit shy. Even wrote some lyrics for a second verse. if I ever get her on board and complete it, I will post it up.

  • I'm guessing the configuration is:

    JamUp gets input from the external audio source
    JamUp is then dropped into the Input slot for AudioBus
    Cubasis in the output slot (Aria and Multitrack also work nicely here, both also instantiate tracks for every AB source unless there's something in the filter slot)


  • It's just as it appears in the video. Guitarism in the input slot, JamUp Pro in the effects slot and Cubasis in the output slot. No tricks.

  • @AkaMarko Sweet - posted to guitarism fb/twitter feeds.
    @dwarman "JamUp gets input from the external audio source" I'll take that as a compliment :)

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