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Cubasis FX on Live Audiobus Input

edited February 2013 in Support and Feedback


I wondered if there was anyway to use the Insert FX in Cubasis on my Synths I have connected via Audiobus. I have them playing via Midi on a separate midi track in Cubasis and routed into the relevant Audio Tracks. Nothing has been recorded in yet.

In theory the Audio is routed to Cubasis via Audiobus and setup by individual Track yet I see no indication the Audio is being received whilst playing through the track as there is no meter activity or any noticeable effect when the Insert FX are on and the track is playing.

What am I doing wrong ? Please help.



  • Hi Dave!

    We'll need the version of iOS you're running, the synth you're using and some general information about your setup, so we can help you.

  • IOS 6.1, iPad 4.

    Animoog, no FX and Cubasis.

    Track 1 (Audio) Audio Input set to Audiobus Animoog.
    Track 2 (Midi) Midi Connections set Midi out to 'Animoog Midi in Channel 1'.

    I have recorded some midi notes into Track 2 and have them looping over 4 bars triggering Animoog.

    I can hear Animoog playing the midi notes and the Audio is fine. I applied the Cubasis 'Filter' Insert Effect to Track 1 and it hit play to trigger Animoog via Midi with the Filter applied and it did nothing to the sound.

    I recorded the 4 bar audio loop of Animoog into Track 1 and then applied the Insert Effect Filter and it worked.

    It seems that the Cubasis Insert FX only works when a wave file is present and not on the Audio coming into Cubasis via Audiobus ?

    Let me know if this makes sense or if u need more info.



  • That makes sense and that's how Steinberg have chosen to implement it - it's not a bug, at least not from a developers' perspective.

  • Thanks for the quick support with this one Sebastian.

    Much appreciated.

  • Very welcome...

  • incredible. No live effects, no MIDI clock . . . this is a joke.

  • it seems that live monitoring with FX is possible - one user said that. I tend to believe him because everything else would indeed be incredible.

  • It's not possible with Cubasis' own effects. If you use another app in the effects slot of Audiobus that is possible.

  • It would have been a great addition to the functionality between the 2 apps but unfortunately it is what it is I guess.

  • well that's really strange, this person explicitly said he could use 4 tracks/FX live simultaneously. Maybe a misunderstanding.

  • Most likely.

  • alright, latest info is that live FX are working in normal mode, and not working in Audiobus mode. Sorry for the confusion. I'll never judge again an app without owning it, there are so many unforeseeable things.

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