-- multichannel interfaces input "issue" --

the fact that "state of the art" audio interfaces like fireface ucx work with the ios platform changes everything. now we have available a high audio quality + infinite routing/monitoring possibilities. but what is not my surprise, when i discover that most apps handle the audio input as a stereo pair, doubling the input signal to channel L&R.

if you plug your mic/instrument to input 1 of a multichannel interface, apps like turnado, samplr and others will record and output only channel left. what!!!?? turnado lets you choose inputs only by pairs (1&2, 3&4...) and samplr doesn't even let you choose the input (by default 1&2, assigned to L&R respectively when used independently) .

i hope audiobus2 will offer a solution for this allowing to choose independent input (but not hard panning it to left or right...).

i just wonder if this is only happening to me. after having in my hands this brutal audio interface, i'm just shocked that apps aren't prepared yet to handle independent audio inputs. what are they waiting for? we are ready to take the stage! and this seems a very basic feature for me...


  • The main DAWs (MultiTrack DAW, Cubasis, Auria, BeatMaker 2) can select all external channels in mono or stereo pairs. I believe AB2 is planned to make the Efx problem go away soon.

  • mmm... i have no daws. only use iosdevices for live performing. thanks god loopy also let's you choose between mono/stereo input... it's just i can't believe apps like samplr, turnado and others (very suitable for live performance) didn't think on this basic thing.

    no one else finds this limitation frustrating? am i the only one out there performing with a multichannel interface and an iosdevice??

    :/ many times i see my self raising issues here that seem to care only for me, i have totally substitute my computers for iosdevices in my live set, and demand from them tasks that they are already prepared to do. but it obviously seems developers/ioshardware makers care much more about the average user, who are the 95%, who use iosdevices as a secondary home device.

    but allowing to choose between mono/stero input... come on... this one is a piece of cake!

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