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Black Fugue / Pink Floyd Shoutout

Sorry for the clickbait but you will hear The Wall in this one. Originally White Fugue... but turned black overnight. Entirely Fugue Machine and the best one so far, I believe. SynthMaster1 provided the awesome bass patch in the beginning. Cubasis acoustic piano holds its own and cuts thru a mix quite nicely. 16 tracks in all.


  • Another fine piece that fits into the ouevre quite nicely. I have found that each of your fugue pieces hit a higher gear deep into the piece. This one is no different.

    Your best? Possibly. I'm still fond of the "third movement" in the blue fugue myself.

  • Very cool stuff Mike!
    Love the Sounds in my headphones.
    You are getting better and better in these experimental things!

    Very nice! 🎶 👍. 😊

  • Very well done @LinearLineman .

  • I really enjoyed this. I'll be back to listen to it again for sure. I did pickup Fugue Machine while it was on special, so @LinearLineman, thanks for that too.

  • Thank you @lukesleepwalker. Much appreciated. Yeah, I am stuck with trying to give something more about 3/4 the way thru and then a return to the original theme. Maybe I search for change even more since generative music has that repetition. What I like about Fugue Machine is that you can add or delete notes as fast as your finger will fly in real time. Kind of a race to make the thing evolve befor the playheads catches up.

    @chandroji, thanks for listening! I may be in Germany around November. Maybe we can meet.

    Honored that you are listening @flo26. Thank you.

    Great that you got FM @NeonSilicon. I am sure you’ll really enjoy it. And thanks for listening!

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