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Ensoniq Mirage / needs repair / free to good home

Any folk in the U.S. interested in one of these? It needs ... has new drive, which won't boot. Machine is in pretty decent shape. I was going to have it worked on but I don't need to spend any more dough. If you want it, I'll ship it but you'll need to pay actual shipping.

Otherwise, I'm going to bin it. I'm tired of tripping over it.


  • Have you thought of offering it to a museum of music? I see there are several in the US- they might be interested- it is an iconic and historically relevant instrument. It would be a real shame for it to end up on the scrap heap. There can’t be many left in the world.... and what a great name for a synth 😃

  • @kinkujin wow. Keep it. That 12bit vintage keyboard is super. Iam only saying this cos I would have it no doubt but Iam in London. I actually posted asking any devs if they could emulate this.

  • Oh cool.

    Somebody should jump on this. The mirage sounds lovely and gritty. It’s worth fixing I think. Might just be a swollen capacitor. It’s worth getting somebody good with a soldering iron to just change all the capacitors and see if it chugs into life, definitely so if the alternative is the scrap heap.

    I (still) have my old EPS16+. Those old Ensoniqs had a special sound. They’re fantastic for drums. Now if I could only find where I stored the floppies (although not confident they’ll work even if I find them!).

  • For a worst-case scenario, drop it with an equipment repair shop so it can stay in circulation.

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    I have an Ensoniq TS10 that I've haven't done much with, though the FX are dope. Yet I want to get rid of. It's heavy.

    Also, I have SQ80 which needs more action but keeping that one. Brittle but lush that one.

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    You guys are making me think ...
    It is a heavy thing though, so shipping will be pricey.

  • @kinkujin said:
    You guys are making me think ...
    It is a heavy thing though, so shipping will be pricey.

    haha, true. where in the US are you?

  • Love those old ensoniq products. Still have my esq-1 in storage (would be thrilled if someone made an auv3 of that). I think you may find a home on reddit or Craigslist for your terms of paying shipping :)

  • As long as you are in or near a big city, Free for Pickup on your local Craigslist should do it. Keep that thing alive out there somewhere 😎

  • What city are you located near?

  • I think I have an interested party ... i'll let you know.

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