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AUM MIDI CTRL preset change

This is a very handy ability to be able to load a preset by sending a specific predetermined note/PC/CC through MIDI CTRL to an AUV3 synth/effect to change its preset. I did a quick inventory of the apps I’ve purchased, and about 25% have exposed their presets so the feature will work. Hopefully as apps get updated, those developers who haven’t done it yet will include it in their next release. I was surprised to see that some of the more respectable devs have not.


  • It also works for user-saved presets (if you save them in AUM, not inside the actual plugin).

  • It's really useful!
    And I wish all standalone apps had this feature as well, think it should be a default feature like hardware of days gone past :)

  • The User-saved presets work on those AUs that didn’t expose the Factory Presets, which is also good. Since Zeeon was one of those where the Factory ones didn’t show in MIDI CTRL setup, I did a user save and the preset changed when I sent the trigger. So that’s cool. But there was a quite audible click when the preset changed. I’m thinking it was because I used a note as a trigger and the note (MIDI 0) played too. I could use Mozaic or StreamByter to filter them out as notes, or use CC or PC triggers instead (or convert the trigger notes to CCs in ‘Byter or Mozaic). Anyway, it’s a cool feature. I’m honored to have replies from @j_liljedahl and @Carnbot ! Makes me feel part of the group! [grin].

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    You could send a note on another MIDI channel. Use the MIDI channel filter in Zeeon's destination in AUM, to receive only on ch1 for example. Then map a note on ch2 to the preset load action.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if many synth plugins make some weird click/noise if you change preset while a note is playing,

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