Grumpy Old Rock Star

Actual tour promo materials for Rick Wakeman. Sounds like a fun night out!


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    Yes, he is a fantastic performer. With his music but also as a entertainer. He can tell wonderful stories, and has a great sense of humor.

  • One of the greats and a really funny guy too. I bet it will be fun.

  • Saw him twice last year....brilliant . He composes some lovely music for church organ. I was charged with bringing him half-time refreshments and his stories even better in private. He still laughs about his son being “sacked” from Yes. A year or two back. Like father, like son.

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    Rick Wakeman is one of my three Rock keyboard heroes all time.
    Sadly Keith Emerson and Jon Lord are not on earth anymore but their music is still alive!

    Love this session jam from 2011 with Rick Wakeman and Jon Lord,
    their techniques to play the keys are awesome and inspiring. 😊👍

  • A stellar musician and very charming man

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