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Marakesh, Possibly the most stressful and time consuming track we have ever made....never again

OK so this is a huge project, and it quickly became apparent that what started off as a great idea was going to be a lot harder to make than we first thought. Hundreds of overdubs, weeks of work here and there, over 12 months to complete the thing. As more apps came out I added bits and pieces, took parts away, mixing was a nightmare.

It tells a story in six parts and has a great twist at the end. Jo's work on this was epic, I got her to do some neat stuff like microtonal changes to certain parts because I used different scales, This is most noticeable in parts one and five. Part one is an arabic scaled track called Destiny and part five is a reprise of part one called Reflection. Its the same music but without the micro tonal scale changes and its played in a jazz style.

Apps and equipment, well its a Hybrid track some hardware some apps. Predominantly Cubasis, Sampletank, Music Studio, iGrand, loads of synths. Vocals and guide tracks recorded on the Boss BR1600 with a Behringer C1 mic. Drums and percussion, Wavedrum, DM1, Roland TDK9.

No guitars were used.

Part One..0.00 Destiny, Part Two..3.35 Arrival, Part Three..5.50 Love and Life, Part Four..8.22 Capture, Part Five..10.42, Reflection, Part Six..15.41 Truth

Thanks for even reading this long intro, and even greater thanks is you listen to all 17 minutes of this song. This will be the only place we post this song..thanks...Doug and Jo


  • Congrats on seeing the vision of your project through. Stevie Nicks does Chess! :)

  • Yeah, its kinda like a rock opera, I had always wanted to do something like this. Its alot easier with a band. But I am proud of this piece of work and me and Jo both think that its the best it can be with the equipment we have. It suffers in part because of the amount of bouncing that was done. all six parts were recorded as seperate tracks then put together at the end. So even just the getting the levels right during the final mix was tough. I used Acid Pro to splice it all together then mastered the complete piece with Izotope Ozone.

  • Great job! Brian Wilson supposedly did most of his work on the Smile album this way. Spliced pieces. :-)

  • It would have been practically impossible to do this as one complete song from start to finish.

  • That is outstanding! I watch your videos quite often but this is the first creation of yours that I have heard. Very good work!

  • Very nice composition and performance Doug and Jo!

  • edited March 2014


  • Very much enjoyed listening to this track Great job to both of you.

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