Latency Control Questions with Multiple Devices

Hi guys, was hoping someone here could help me out with something.

I'd like to use two iOS devices, one with a high latency control (1024 frames) and another with a low latency (128 frames.) The idea is for the one with the higher latency to be my drum machines and the lower latency device will be my sound module for synths (since less latency is ideal for keyboard playing and my rhythm stuff is typically triggered ahead of time so real-time performance is not necessary.)

I plan to have the two devices connected via ethernet cable for Ableton Link sync. My question is: with the latency discrepancy, will timing across both devices also be affected? For example, if I play a synth with an arpeggiator on the low latency device, will it be in time with the higher latency device?

Thank you for your help.

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