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Renaming Studiomux-created devices [macOS]

Posted this on the zerodebug forum but answers take months over there so reposting here...

On macOS, how does one update the name of an iOS device in the Audio & MIDI settings once Studiomux server has created it? I plugged in an iPad that I had reset (before giving it a meaningful name in the device’s settings) and now it shows up as simply ‘iPad’ in my audio midi settings (with a Studiomux bullseye beside it). I haven’t been able to find any reference to a technique for correcting this kind of issue.

Anybody know how to fix/adjust this?


  • So, I figured out that deleting and reinstalling Studiomux server seems to create new names for the iOS devices I connect (based on their current names).

    The only weird thing is that there is an apostrophe in each of the 4 device names but only two of the newer devices seem to reflect that...oh well - close enough.

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