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Garageband for iOS. Automation for: Pan, Pitch, Vibrato, Aftertouch.


first I have to say I like Garageband for iOS very much.

But one thing is strange for me. There is "automation" option. Using automation I can control Volume. The problem is that I can control ONLY Volume, nothing more. What about Pan, Pitch, Vibrato and Aftertouch?

Apple should add in "automation" where is Volume also Paning control. There is trick to double the track, set 100% left and right for each track and then use volume-automation for them from 0 to 100 and from 100 to 0. But in my opinion it is not serious in music software. I don't know how it's possible that in 2019 there is still missing such primary control.

There is also missing another 3 very important things. Possibility to control depth of Pitch, Vibrato and Aftertouch. Now it's not posibble to see visually where we used that control under playing and there is not possible to correct it after record. There should be line on time line (the same like for Volume) with range ex. -64 to 64 for Pitch depth and 0 to 127 for Vibrato and Aftertouch depth. In my opinion it should be added in "automation" zone as well like Volume.

Garageband for iOS is a briliant piece of software. Adding that features make compose much more comfortable. It's not about to add 100 more features. Garageband is easy to use and that is very good, let it be like it is. If we need 1000 features there are another music tools. But that 4 primary features are missing very much. I am using latest version of Garageband v.2.3.7 and I do not see that kind of feature - If I am wrong please let me know.

I wrote today to Apple Support with that issue. Please tell me do you miss that features the same as I? Thank you in advance for your comments.

Best regards,


  • The automation is woefully lacking. The automation lane only allows automating volume. You can automate built in instruments (ie filter sweep on an alchemy synth or otherwise) - but once you record it you can’t edit it.

    I don’t know that we’ll ever see more since it’s really meant to be a gateway to Logic. Maybe with the whole Marzipan thing??

  • You can automate pan in GB using some trick. Search for the video on YouTube by Pete Johns - Studio Live.

    For vibrato, you can use Pitch switch and swipe up the keys while playing or recording - it gives vibrato (they kinda nailed it). Not all instruments support Pitch switch/vibrato though.

  • edited May 2019

    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, it is really frustrating that after record we can NOT correct PAN, PITCH, VIBRATO and AFTERTOUCH in automation, because of lack that features :( That is why I wrote here.

    About Apple "Marzipan" project: enabling iOS apps to run on macOS, I am owner only of mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, so I am using only iOS system.

    Question: What do you mean about gateway to Logic - possibility to export project from iOS garageband and import in Logic on OSX?

    Yes, I know that trick and I am using it, thanks. I have to, because of lack PAN feature in automation :/


    I still do not have answer from Apple support.

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