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Beatmaker 2 asleep on the Bus?



  • I've been close to pulling the trigger on Cubasis myself for the very same reason, hypoetical. I'm just going to try to hold out a little longer for my favorite music app to get on the bus. I have so much invested in learning/mastering the BM2 interface that I'm hesitant to just jump into another app. Especially when that app is so "high priced" (compared to other apps with similar functionality imo anyway). I've also been hesitant to pull the trigger on Cubasis because of the negative reviews I've seen (see no midi clock, poor sounding midi instruments, etc). I'm a firm believer in just trying something out for myself to determine if it's really something I would use or not, but at 50 bucks its easy to come up with reasons to wait for BM2. Plus, I absolutely LOVE BM2. Cubasis would have to really knock it out of the park for me to give up on intua. So....did they knock it out of the park? Would love to hear your impression.

  • I'm going to wait one more week. I have read innuendos all over that indicate 6 days or less on the update. Otherwise I'm pulling the trigger on Cubasis.

  • @boone51 can't say that Cubasis knocked it out the park, but for my needs I feel that they got really close. the slick interface, snappiness, and the amount of control you have over the Audiobus inputs as recordable tracks is second to none. the whole "feel" of the app is very intua-esque which is what made me bite the bullet on the app in all honesty. I love the way my project is auto saved and the way media is managed is so much more simple.

    my biggest gripe with BM2 is media management. it's always been a pain for me to get everything organized the way I want. creating folders and renaming files is a much harder task with BM2. with Cubasis you're given instant access to files through its "media bay" and everything is grouped by audio type. no more fussing about with folders and the like. (though I do hope they add more options in the future).

    i also think another area Cubasis excels at is DAW interface/tools. with BM2 you're at the mercy of the wrench fly out menu — to do something as simple as moving a clip around requires tapping and holding those buttons. in Cubasis, everything's a tap or touch away. resizing, moving clips from track to track, joining, splitting, it's all easily accessible from the get go and intuitive to use.

    i can go on, but i highly recommend watching the entire tutorial series Steinberg posted. it goes through the entire app and will help you assess whether or not it's worth the purchase. nonetheless, this app was built for the device and has a lot of "little things" that make it a joy to use. can't say it's a BM2 killer because they excel in different areas but man, if we had an app with the sequencing/pad interface of BM2 and the Timeline editing of Cubasis, we'd be in iOS heaven.

  • Temptations haaa.......choose your paths wisely !!

    Anyway im off to use Cubasis and Audiobus now !!!!

  • Does it look like Cubasis would import samples to the drum module (if there is one). I have imported some drum stuff from a buddy and it brought Beatmaker to life. If Cubasis could do this then just maybe I would bite the bullet sooner than later. I need to review the tutorials on this thing for sure.

  • as for the Midi Clock...does ANYBODY managed it to get out/in a usable Clock from/to BM2?I tried it with different interfaces (made for ipad and via CCK) and the best result i got was BM2 running 1-2 BPM faster when"synced"to Logic Pro :)

    I feel just i'm coming home a bit after a long journey.I started with cubase back in the atari days ant there's still much of the old Cubase (and the workflow i got used to) inside.I had goosebumps when i first heard the metronom's 2-bar count in before the recording started :D

    Beatmaker was always not more then a compromise for me.Yes,at first it's a BEATmaker so it was not intend to make DAW user happy.Although it was (and stil is) really not a bad app.But now with cubasis and Auria...But they are (much)more expensive of course.

    Anyway,i hope the Audiobus intergration works flawless and i can still use Beatmaker as a Drumsampler in Cubasis.I love this thing.

  • @Crabman exactly what I plan to use BM2 for once it gets on the bus. best of both worlds.

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    Thanks, hypoetical (and everyone) for the feedback. I'm starting to think there must be something to the interface in Cubasis since everyone seems to agree that it's slick. I'll have to give those videos a look. I do love that BM2 is available as a universal app even if the iPad interface can feel like an afterthought sometimes. Like Crabman pointed out, it's certainly not immune to midi issues on its own. Sometimes I get upset that I don't have samplr or other iPad only apps on my iPhone 5 (which has more processing power than my sad little iPad 2). I think I'll just have to sit down and give it another proper once over.

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    if we had an app with the sequencing/pad interface of BM2 and the Timeline editing of Cubasis, we'd be in iOS heaven

    Yes, that's exactly what I'd like, too. I've had no interest in buying Cubasis or Auria due to the lack of sampling features, which BM2 excels at. I make atmospheric trip-hop stuff, and I need control over my samples, and only BM2's drum pads and synth offer that control.

    Cubasis has a better track interface, though. Auria has better effects than both of them. If I could get Auria's PSP quality effects and Cubasis' track interface in BM2, I'd be really happy. I'd easily drop $50 for a BeatMaker 3 with that stuff included.

  • My guess is that sampling instruments in Auria and Cubasis will be just a matter of time.Both apps still celebrate their "1.0" version (yeah,i know.Cubasis is 1.1 now :-) ).Things have just begun.Great times ahead.

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