PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

The hell of Bluetooth

Am i the only one who *constantly* runs into problems with Bluetooth?

Now typing on my logitech K380 ... but hell how long it took to reconnect to this iPad!

Nothing helped, power off and on on the keyboard, Bluetooth off and on for the iPad, forgetting the device, retrying everything, using the F2 key to reconnect or holding the F2 key to initiate a new pairing, ...

Finally, it worked.

But i often have similar problems, in cars, with another bluetooth keyboard, ...

I am happy to not own a Bluetooth headphone.


  • If you connect too many different BT devices then re-connecting can be an issue, I don't know why but I'm experiencing the same. But using only 2 or 3 different BT devices works well all the time.

  • Only time I have problems really is like @rs2000 says - my iPhone and iPad share a lot of the same BT resources and if they are in close proximity it can be a real pain in the ass. A lot of times I’ll just forget the connection on the device I don’t want talking to the peripheral and just sort it out later when I need it again.

  • I use AirPods on the go and had never problems with these headphones. Love them!

    I also use various BT Midi Controllers (Korg Studios, Xkey, ROLI) with no issues with my iPads. Love them!

    But I’ve experienced a lot of Bluetooth Problems in the Windows World. Here you need a good portion of luck and good hardware and software if you want to use BT. Here I prefer solid cables... 😎

  • Bluetooth headphones were a disaster for me.

    Couple types.

    All about $200 each and none worked in a way made me happy.

    As far as midi deices I have just as many issues with MIDI devices and MacBook as I do with iOS.

    So it is looking more a bluetooth thing.

  • Don’t worry, in a couple of years electronics companies will come up with something slightly better you can throw your money at ;)

  • I just had a BlueBoard iPhone disconnection. Led was blinking like when batteries are dead, but they were not. In fact the Windows 10 laptop was the culprit: I tried a while ago to connect the BB to that laptop, and today it was fighting the iPhone. So yes, I suppose it’s better to forget a Bluetooth device when not in use to avoid conflicts. This is what I’ve done on the laptop as the BB don’t even works with it, and no more issues with the iPhone.

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    if you have a couple of devices its a nightmare,

    if you have a couple of devices and you share them with other ppl its a disaster.

    I have to disconnect the mac bt to the amp to then connect with the iPad to the amp or let someone else stream to the amp.

    its a snake pit.

    I went back to pluging a cable in, better audio and not all this bs.

    bt midi is ok, bt audio argh lets not talk about that.

    the lost bt connection with non apple stuff is still a thing. πŸ€ͺ

  • The Bluetooth headphones compatible with my Apple devices range from Airpods to Beats so it seems. Yikes! Well, at least my Airpods sound great, lol.

  • Never touch the stuff

  • Haha. Yeah it's pretty bad. Even the Airpods are flaky sometimes if you share them between different devices. As an audio developer though, they're abysmal. Very high latency and they don't report that latency properly so no way to sync. It's a bugger for Loopy

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    @Michael "Even the Airpods are flaky sometimes if you share them between different devices."

    lol πŸ˜’

    expensive crap πŸ˜‘

    Im not going to buy anything without a headphone jack.

  • Dito!

    Have an iPhone 8 from my company, but otherwise I am planning on stocking up older iPads for my future!!!

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