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ipolysix or ims-20?

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Can't really justify both of them, and I'm not sure I want either of them.

Which is better? For someone who has most of the synth apps, is there really anything to justify this. I quite like the drum synthesis possibilities, but the interface is really off putting.


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    I had same doubt, my head started boiling, so I bought both.
    Maybe not the answer you expect, but that's the truth.
    There are on sale, so you have the chance to get 2x1.
    Remember buy through the links, we try to help support the site. :)

  • I would say the ipolysix is a bit more bang for your buck. it's more complex, but more modulation possibilites, 2 synth sequencers, the drum sequencer, and of course, polyphony, among some other things.

    Both are fantastic though.

  • Agreed...iPolysix.

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    Yeah iPolysix is more useful I would say, but if your into synth programming in a big way then iMS20

    But get both because the discount, it's like buy one get one free

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    One thing I look for in synths (I still have most of them regardless of my advice ;-) ), is a unique character that makes it different from other synths--that makes it have the ability to sound different or do something others can't do. Both of these synths are designed to emulate a true synth (with varying amounts of accuracy). If you have most of the available synths, ask yourself what you really want out of a synth that is different from other synths that you own, and then determine which of these two synths is closer to what you are wanting.

    Things to consider:

    iMS-20 is a famous monosynth -- famous for its filters and unique sound.

    iPolysix is a very easy to use polysynth that has a unique ensemble effect that is great for pads and other sounds.

    You won't be going wrong with either of them. I hope this helps! :-)

    Personally, while I like them both, I like the iPolysix better (but that's just my opinion).

  • I also have both and prefer ipolysix. 1. You get very quick from sketch to a song.
    2. It's sequencer is better. 3. It's easy to play with the configuration and create great sounds.

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    The first 2 iOS synths i bought and sadly the ones i use the least.

    iPolysix is alot more versatile for sure.

  • This was made ages ago, but you get to hear all the factory presets from the Polysix

  • Ipolysix seems ridiculously cool, just wanted to check something before I pull the trigger. Is midi input channel selectable?

  • Sounds like ipolysix is the one. The iMS-20 sound is cool, but I'm not sure I'd use it enough for $15. And I've already bought Nave, so there's that.

  • No channel selection.

    iPolySix: ch 1 is Synth 1, ch 2 is synth 2, chs 3 - 8 are the individual drum synths.

    iMS20: ch1 is synth (only one), chs 2 - 7 are the drum synths (why they did not skip 2 to match the iPolySix, well, ???).

    There is no port selection either, both synths are promiscuous, which means any MIDI flying around the system will play them too.

    So you cannot for example use MidiBridge to map controllers to them. The best you can do is mute the synths you don't want.

    Forces ones hand when mapping cntroller channels to synths in a live setup if you want these in the mix.

    But the sounds make up for it.

  • Audiobus compatibility? If not, how is iPolysix workflow-wise?

  • They're both on the bus. I think you can get far better sounds out of ims20 but 1) it takes time and 2) it's monophonic.

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    Dont forget to check out Mee Zanooks youtube channel for tuturial stuff on theese!
    Highly recommended.

  • How hard do you think it would be to recreate a ms20 in modular?

  • Or should I get both of these or Nave and Thor? Or all of them?

  • Get them all of course! Still way cheaper than a cheap arranger keyboard.hahaha.

  • @breakyoself not really possible to recreate all of the nuances of iMS-20. you could probably get close in terms of character of sound, but I'm not even sure about that.

  • @uglykidmoe said:

    @breakyoself not really possible to recreate all of the nuances of iMS-20. you could probably get close in terms of character of sound, but I'm not even sure about that.

    That. You could likely recreate a lot of the functions of the ms20 in Modular but the sonic characteristics that make the ms20 what it is won't be there.

  • Can you run both iPod and ims20 at the same time on a ipad mini? Also is the sample and hold feature included in the modular patch matrix? I have been using the Nintendo ds korg ds10 by the same developer with great results. Playing it with a midi keyboard would be ridiculous .

  • Yes, the sample and hold feature is on the modular patch panel. Pretty much everything that is on a hardware MS-20 is in this app and functions identically to how it would in the real-world.

    Don't know about your first question as I've never attempted it.

  • Are the synth sequencers in iPolySix multi-timbral?

    I'm trying to figure out how TuKuRu managed to sequence a bass line, chords, and a melody line all at once (3 synth parts) when there's only two synth sequencer tracks.

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    It's technically 8-way multitimbral. TuKuRu likely used one of the 6 drum tracks to sequence the bass line, and used the two synth sequencer for the chords and melody. Just a guess but that's how I'd do it. You could also sequence the melody using a drum voice I suppose.

  • Interestingly, this is also how I get extra mileage out of iMS-20. I'm sure a lot of other people are doing so as well.

  • Thanks, uglykidmoe. I do recall now that the iMS-20 lets you assign synth tones to drum tracks. There's one demo song with the word "seven" in the title for iMS-20 in which 2 double-oscillator patches (tuned a 5th apart) were used in 2 drum tracks for some cool chord voicings.

    I should have known it might be the same in iPolySix. The song I'm trying to figure out is "Eternal Challenger" by TuKuRu.

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