Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Audiobus 2 is launching on Thursday, April 3rd 2014



  • Definetly before the end of June possibly...

  • Just my thoughts about the bit issue. One program that always offered 24 bit at 44.1 and higher was Multitrack DAW. In my project studio, I have always used 24 44.1 as a compromise that works for me. I believe that it does improve the resolution and headroom slightly, and I don't have to deal with the speed change conversion that I did when recording in Protools at 24 48 (the school where I studied insisted on that rate, and that DAW) and transferring to Logic where I always go 24 44.1, and having to listen to slow motion tracks that make me wonder about the artifacting that possibly happens when converting back down to fit...I think our ears will always be our best guide. Still, I for one think it can never be a bad idea to request the option. If it means getting a bit of an edge, a slight nudge toward the perception that pro audio can not only be achieved, but the iOS platform can compete favourably with anything if it wants to as far as pro audio goes. Realistically, for a lot of work, I do not think recordings suffer a lot of audible differences at 16 44.1. However, if you do intend to master your stuff, why not start out as high as you can possibly go with your source material, as from what I understand, having that little extra headroom can help considerably in giving your final masters a little more breathing room to move around a bit...One thing I keep hearing, and have been guilty of: recording stuff too hot at the input stage is baaaaaaaad. Get the heat or harmonic distortion in your SOUND, construct your gain stage the way it SOUNDS great there, but record into your DAW at a more reasonable level...I like that Multitrack Daw always seems to attenuate the incoming level, and the wav files never look like bloated sausages.

  • My professional call for 48K is that DVD/BlueRay/HDMI LPCM Surround and Stereo are all 48K standard, and I author for HDMI from time to time.

    My cheap reason is that my ADAT line input speed switch is broken (stuck on 48K) and it's $180 to replace.

  • Do you lose a lot if you upsample to 24 48 from 24 44.1? I have never tried it...I imagine it might do something weird. I know when you do that to low pixel jpegs, it can have a bit of a nice softening effect. Obviously no real detail added, but it somehow looks better, as it eliminates the jaggedness quite noticeably (learned that little trick from Ken Rockwell site). Honestly, all of these formats through the years have really made it difficult to archive just about anything in an organized way...Oh well, time to move forward. It must be 64 bit 192 all the way, lol...

  • @ConVis said:

    Sooooooooo, any updates on Time frame? Patiently....ish waiting for this release. Super excited.

    We're getting really close. We just sent out the hopefully last version of the new SDK that supports state saving to our first tiny group of developers. There are no more open bugs and we're now working on documentation, last minute UI polish and then we submit it to Apple.

  • @Sebastian Cool! Can't wait! :-) Keep up the GREAT work! You have evolved and revolutionized iPad music with AB and this can only help it along even further.

  • Is there a site/blog that shows different app setups with audiobus?

  • Hey @Sebastian....wondering if AB2 will still require the app has an audio engine. There are several midi only apps that would benefit from having the AB dock.

  • Still more time or has it been submitted to the App Store already?

  • Question for Sebastian and others:

    Currently, most guitar amp apps (all I've tried) only see a mono input signal - including those that have a stereo option, so, if you send something from the input slot that has, say, a ping-pong delay, it gets folded to mono by guitar amp apps in the FX slot before they add whatever they're adding.

    Will AB 2 allow the same input signal to be split to multiple paths, left and right stereo individually that is, so that one could apply two different signal chains to the same input signal even if the particular FX app only reads mono?

  • Wait nd wait'nd wait'nd wait'nd wait'nd w

  • @Musicinclusive: I think this might depend on the guitar amp modelling apps but... huh. I think I need to talk with the JamUp guys and some effects apps makers.

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    @GoldenElf said:

    Still more time or has it been submitted to the App Store already?

    Almost. I think we're submitting it next week but we're also waiting for some third party devs to do the same.

  • Jamup is fully stereo, BIAS doesn't, but if you use a BIAS amp into Jamup, it will became immediatly stereo. :D

  • @Sebastian - thank you for your reply and your interest in pursuing that.

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    @sebastian, that would be great.

    @Dramatispersona13 JamUp is fully mono, sadly. It will see both inputs but all of the effects themselves fold to mono. There are a couple of 'stereo' effects in there (delay and reverb I think) but they add stereo tails to the monofied signal. I love sending drums through JamUp but am often bummed by how it flattens the stereo image.

    I don't think this is really a question of routing but more a question of resources. If amp packages processed it all in stereo the processor would have to do double the work. Since they're made for guitar, which is usually mono, I suspect they chose the lesser of two evils by default.

  • @syrupcore It's strange what you said, if I run AUFX Dub or Turnado before JamUp via Audiobus, I can ear perfectly ping pong or other stereo effect!

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    @Dramatispersona13 said

    @syrupcore It's strange what you said, if I run AUFX Dub or Turnado before JamUp via Audiobus, I can ear perfectly ping pong or other stereo effect!

    Interesting. Will give them both a shot. I usually have JamUp in the effects slot. Same for you?

  • @syrupcore no no I use:
    AUFX Dub (input) --> Turnado (effect) ----> Jamup (output)

    The only problem is that Jamup reocorder records only in mono, but I didn't tweak it so much.

  • Seb or mick posted "Done" when asked about Audiobus 2 today on twitter. @Sebastian should we read more into that then what you guys already mentioned about the SDK being done and going out to more devs? :) Throw us a bone here!

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    I think we're going to submit it this week and then we're waiting for enough third party apps with state saving to be live to launch Audiobus 2. They're all great developers and some of their apps are already live with the 2.0 (state saving) SDK.

  • Great ! So a few more weeks give or take, depending on how long you're gonna wait for more apps to catch up with AB2's new features (which does make sence, just don't wait too long;).

  • I'd say depending on Apple's review times we're really close.

  • Sounds great @SebastIan. Can you share how many/which apps already have state saving, and how many more you're hoping to have it prior to launch?

  • I had a bunch of apps under the update tab today, with AB2 and state save support. Very exite!

  • Will apps that start off with Audiobus 2 support as a new feature work with Audiobus 1?

  • Yeah, the number of apps with state saving popping up is already longer than I expected at launch. Good 'uns too! Hope Jesse makes the cutoff with thumbjam.

    @sebastian if you can't/don't want to say I understand but do you have any sense of how long after launch it will be before the state saving SDK is released to all developers?

  • @PaulB said:

    Will apps that start off with Audiobus 2 support as a new feature work with Audiobus 1?

    Yes, they should be compatible with AB1. Stereo Designer has been using a beta version of the AB2 SDK from day one and has been working well in Audiobus 1 for about a month now.

  • The way you're built........bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!

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