file sizes

Some of the drumloops that I have made that I have been using for years are of very nigh quality and when i nexported them I made the 24 bit and over 2,000 bitrates but now im on my ipad with very limited space so i need to convert them down to conserve some space....for instance a 22 second loop is 6 megs, im going to be recording with these so i need to lower the bitrates but i need smaller size and they are mp3's not wav's......would coverting down to 128k be too much or would i lose too much quality? What do you think? keep in mind that they are currently over 2,000 bit rate currently and remember my ipad has only 15gig so i'm trying to find a balance, 128 would be great if i can get by with that, thoughts?


  • Do you have the original wave files?

  • no, sadly I wished i did ....I ha a major house fire so I do not but the thing i did had a new of the wav files like just a couple and i compared it to my ears and when i played the 2 side my side I never could tell a difference, but you never know when it came to mixing how it would mix ya know

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