GarageBand icloud

I have run into the problem that my songs upload to iCloud like normal but now I have to download it every time from the cloud to even use GarageBand so if I don’t have internet I can’t get file. I use to able to upload to the cloud and still have that same file on iPad unless changed on other device. I believe this happened after last update. Anyone else seeing this?


  • I was having issues for a few days but I think it’s working properly now. How much free space is left on your device? I had about 650mb free when the songs were deleting; now I have about 1.1gb free and am not having any problems.

  • I had 5 gigs available but just freed up some more space by deleting some movies.

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    You can also copy all your projects with files app from iCloud to local iPhone storage. You can also save songs directly in GB on iPhone. Always a nice practice to save important files two times, just in case.

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