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What is your "iPad life expectancy"



  • I’ll keep using my Mini 2 till it shits the bed. Hardware synths always take preference over a new iPad.

  • My iPad Pro’s usually last a year or two before I just thrash them in the bin 🗑 😆 😆 👿

  • @Rich303 said:
    I’ll keep using my Mini 2 till it shits the bed. Hardware synths always take preference over a new iPad.

    My volume buttons are getting crunchy... think the battery may have expanded a touch.

  • edited July 2019

    iPad #1 in service since 2010, now with the cool deprecated apps like Electrify, NS 1, Alchemy, the iSequence in which ACP export still works, etc etc

    iPad 4 gave to a friend
    Air 2 currently in use as a Xequencer 2 for Creamware Scope system (also some deprecated apps preserved there in) still a great machine, though I dropped it and the screen has funky shadows at the top- which are invisible using Xequencer 2s dark theme

    Pro 10.5, up for anything thrown at it, so far.

  • 3 ipads - a ipad2 /air2 /Pro - everything works!

    All of them I bought used - trying to lower my ewaste / carbon footprint

  • I almost always renew with the next major upgrade..Only this last time with iPad pro when it had its drive upgrades did I buy a new iPad each time. I just repurposed the old ones. I doubt I'll get the next gen unless it has something truly worth it for me from a business perspective.

  • Fun to see this thread spring back to life and see how people are using their devices. I have been thinking about a new ipad mini 5, but keep spending my money on hardware, so will probably have the mini 4 for a while yet.

  • My 1st gen Air is still going, but really needs replacing.

  • iPad 3 (didn’t realize how bad it was for making music) until I got my Air 2 which is great since ios12, and just bought a 2018 Pro 11”.
    I’m loving the Pro so far but I haven’t used it with an audio interface yet.
    Ordered a Steinberg ur44. Excited for that to get here. Thanks to Doug’s @soundtestroom video.

  • Update from an iPad 2 which lasted 4 years to a mini 5. My Air 2 battery was EOF and started to shut down and at 30-40%. With the latest proc I think it should at least last for 4 years.

  • @DYMS said:
    Hello all,
    I was wondering what the expected life of iPads is when used without hardware issue. Meaning, if an iPad doesn't break, or the battery becomes useless, how long do you expect to be able to use an iPad as apps and iOS evolve?

    Are your expectations based on how long you hope Apple will support it? The length of time you are paying it off? Or maybe the number of years you can "keep it on the books" as it depreciates?

    I have an original iPad that I can't do much of anything with these days. I feel like it only lived for about 2 years before the OS and apps quickly moved beyond what it could handle. My iPad mini 4 has been serving me well for a couple years, but I am guessing that it will start getting long in the tooth very soon.

    I would hope to get 3-4 years from a device, but I feel 2-3 is more likely.

    On the other hand, I am writing this on a 10 year old iMac that can still run some simple Ableton Live and Reason work. I don't expect it to do much now, but the fact that it is still alive and usable exceeds my expectations.

    When an iPad Pro costs nearly as much as a laptop, and might only be usable for 3 years, I am just not sure how I can keep up.

    What about you, are you satisfied with the life you are getting from your iPads?

    (ps. The thread about an iPad Air 2 and iOS 11 was a catalyst for this post, but I didn't want to derail that one).

    We have two iPad 2's that are still working -- one in spite of very cracked glass.

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