At The End We Will All Dance The Infinity Waltz

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Here is another little musicical interlude for your enjoyment, I hope you like it


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    Very metaphysical title. Beautifully played, as always. Makes me wish I was a muso.

  • @Zen210507 I like thoughtful titles that try and tell a story without words, look at all mine and Colin’s stuff, that’s what we try to achieve. And you are a muso :)

  • Very nice...Are you using only iOS instrument ? ...

  • @ugb1 said:
    Very nice...Are you using only iOS instrument ? ...

    No I'm using a mixture of both Reason and Cubasis for this one, recording the sounds of Reasons Ambient Piano patch and Voices Of Gaia for Kontakt into Cubasis via my Behringer USB mixer, it's a really nice way to work because my Laptop just can't deal with a load of Kontakt instruments inside Reason but running them Standalone is OK if I don't go mad, then I have all the Audio files in Cubasis for effects and mixing

  • That was lovely. Love the ending, the long whoosh.

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