Maschine mk1 + full current software license $200 still avail...... Faderfox controllers sold :(

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Fader Fox , real midi din, battery/adapter operated, class compliant , runs iPads, iPhones, Macs, Pcs......anything midi.

Native instruments Maschine mk1 wonderful condition w/ full software license (current including 2.7 update)

grab everything for $400 usd, located Los Angeles, buyer pays shipp


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    this is a different model, but some of the best clips I found to describe how you can use them.
    basically they can map to anything midi and don't need drivers because they are class compliant. .. the ones I'm selling are not usb they are 'real' midi dins on the backs of the unit, one of the cool things about this is that they can actually be linked together/ daisy chained.... the usb versions cannot be daisy chained so that's a cool bonus.

  • how much for just the faderfox(es)?

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    I'll take 'em. PM me for how, when, (where?)

    PS Im in "LA county" Claremont

  • done and done :)

  • ok folks looks like Maschine is still available and it's definitely a great deal at this price.

  • So Audiblevideo bought the faderfoxes, he wasn't even a PayPal user but signed up with them and made the whole thing easy as pie. I can definitely recommend him as a good buyer.

    Maschine is still available.... the sample library and application alone are worth more than $200, if you want to run maschine next to your iPad this is the time to do it :) !!! software+controller all for $200 + shipping from Los Angeles .

  • weekend bump

  • huh.. is this thing still for sale?..... why yes it is don't sleep on this great deal

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