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From Arturia "Something Big Is Coming Oct 25th"

"Something Big Is Coming Oct 25th"


  • Oh Snap!!!

  • Where did you hear this? Just curious because if you go to their site it says "Something Big Is Coming..." and there is a countdown timer that's done 00:00:00 implying it's already here

  • The clock on their site says 5 days 23 hrs right now.

  • I doubt it will be something for iOS though...

    More likely a new hardware module or PC/Mac based software....

  • Arturia has put a page on their site, teasing a new hardware synthesizer.
    sourcepakket Synthtopia

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    Hmm odd it def said 00:00:00 when I went there in Chrome sorry bout that

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  • Ahhh.....Indeed! I think everyone can agree that Internet Explorer holds the web back...

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    edit:nevermind,werd was faster

  • I haven't used internet explorer in years. Bill Gates had too many enemies trying to hack his products.

  • Internet Explorer gave me my bald spot.

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    Internet Explored helped showing me corners of the internets I did not know existed. Thank you Internet Explorer.

    Btw, I've used Opera since maybe 8-10 years or so back (you know, the browser where all others plucked their "ideas" from, and are now consider standard stuff like tabs, quick start, gestures and much much more). But the latest version seems they are going in a Coast direction with the whole thing which is a shame. There's always Firefox tho.

    Also, damn you mgmg. :(

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  • It's terrible though because there are some really cool thing that can be done with the latest standards but people can't implement them I their sites because there is still a large portion of people (possibly majority but I think maybe mobile might be) still use IE. All major browsers quickly adopt the new standards but IE takes 3-4 longer to implement them and by then there is a new standard!

    I use to use Firefox but a year ago switch all to Chrome

  • Damn, I hope that's real.

  • But that would be weird with 'something big', no? Though maybe it's irony and 10 years in Portland(ia) has completely ruined my ability to sense it.

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    Well,it would fit to the irony of the first Minibrute Teaser.They released a picture from a software Minibrute user Interface ;-)

    The more often i look at the picture,the more i like the small brother.The Minibrute is on top of my"to buy"list but maybe i like this one even more.So cute,SO portable...And has all the important features from the bigger one (i don't see noise but the resolution of the picture is too bad)hope it's not a fake.

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