Short Video: ChordUP Playing BASS

Hi Guys, i finally was able to figure out how to play Bass using ChordUp. As you guys know, i’ve Been using ChordUp for strumming guitar using Zeeon and other apps. But today, i was able to do a short one minute or so video on the iPhone showing how cool and easy it is to do a one man band type of setup where you can play a song from beginning to end if you wanted only using ChordUp, Zeeon, Funk Drummer, Bs-16i for Bass, and Poison 202.

I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something new. I really like the immediacy of being able to capture something fast record it into AUM via AB3 and either do more or just shelve it until i get more ideas, but its so awesome to do all this now on an iPhone.

I would love to see @ChordUp developer to please allow us to save ChordUp Setup presets. I love the idea of coming back and not having to setup everything again especially the chords locks etc.

Also, it would be so awesome if we could send Chords when we tap the chord section and strumming via a separate midi channels in AB3. I know this is possible because Guitarism already does it. So would you please consider it?
This would be so cool because one can drive a synth playing the chords, and Bass, while the strumming could either be controlling guitars or bass as well if desired all via separate midi channels.

Sorry uploaded wrong video, will post shortly. :#

THanks everyone!


  • Here is the updated link guys, I apologize.

    I've just uploaded a movie to YouTube!
    You can check it out here:

  • That is soooo cool. Thanks for posting man!
    Must give it a go B)

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    Thanks @MusicMan4Christ for this cool video. Chord presets feature is already in my TODO list. Will think about sending chord on separate channel when pressing on a chord button.

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