Audiobus makes best apps list 2012

Audiobus made best paid apps list in AppAdvise. Congrats team.


  • Audiobus, $9.99, released Sept. 12, Universal

    The universal app is an inter-app audio routing system. With it, users can connect different music apps together like virtual cables.

    As Lory Gil said:

    This app could literally revolutionize the way we use music apps on the iPhone and iPad. Right now, AudioBus only supports about 20 apps, but they are constantly adding more and the developers are promising more than 750 supported apps in the near future. Anyone who uses multiple synthesizer and effects apps will appreciate how important this technology is.

  • Audiobus was one of the 7 finalist. Shared finals with Angry Bird Star Wars HD. That's. something to be proud of.

  • That's awesome! Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Wow!!!!

  • 750 apps? I hope Apple adds a new lineup of devices sporting 128 or even 256 GB. My 64 GB iPad isn't full but it may not be long as more AB compatible apps start showing up.

  • I suppose there's a difference between 750 developers being registered for implementation and "promising 750 apps."

    The most notable being that 750 developers will amount to more than 750 apps, considering many developers already have produced more than 1 app.

    The other being that no promises were actually made. Perhaps an innocent mistake, but also a potentially misleading one.

  • But still, an iDevice with more than 64 GBs could only be be a good thing. If only Apple would get there RAM prices to be more compatible with the current market.

  • EDIT

    "their" instead of "there" and "comparable" instead of "compatible".

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