Controlling fx with a foot pedal

Hey, I'm a cajon player and I've recently discovered processing my cajon live with fx like turnado and Live FX (like this ) but since that video my needs have expanded somewhat - i need to be able to play freely and control fx without using my hand - is there a way I can setup a Behringer foot pedal or similar to control fx with my feet? I'm using an itrack dock for sound so there's a USB midi port if that would help...


  • Sure but you're going to need a way to get MIDI into the iOS device. If you don't want to switch interfaces, you might try one of those Yamaha DIN MIDI to Bluetooth MIDI converters.

    Then it's just a matter of MIDI mapping from your pedal of choice to your control of choice. If you go with the FCB1010, definitely check out Secret Base Design's FCB1010 app. That pedal can be a monster (in both good an bad ways!); that app helps tame the bad monster bits.

  • Would the USB midi in not work?

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    Not with the FCB1010 since it's DIN MIDI only. There are other MIDI pedals though that output MIDI over USB. Check out the KMI SoftStep or 12-Step for a start.

  • Itrack doesn't supports midi2usb (class compliant) cables?

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