Cubasis 2.1 to Korg Gadget 3.0 midi recording problem

I use Cubasis to record midi into Gadget.

Midi input: Easy
Midi sync: Ext

Send midi clock
Routing, midi thru to Gadget on the selected track

Before the updates, recording started in the first scene in the first bar of the selected track in Gadget.

So, if I had 2 scenes in Gadget, each 8 bars long and I started playing from bar 12 in Cubasis, then the midi would be recorded into scene 1 In the first bar.

After the updates, if I start playing from bar 12 in Cubasis, then the midi is recorded into bar 3 of scene 2.

I don't know if Gadget or Cubasis are causing the change, but if I try to record the same midi from Auria Pro into Gadget, then it is recorded into the scene 1 bar 1 as expected.

Am I missing some new setting or is it a bug?



  • It sounds like Cubasis is now sending song position and Gadget is recognising it, both apps have just been updated so either or both could have had this added.

  • Yes, I think so, @LFS has Cubasis been updated to send song position and if so, would it be possible to let the user deactivate this ?

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