A whole bunch of updates

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No doubt some folks will address individual apps listed here as they see fit, but I add these briefly in case you have uninstalled something and might want to take another run etc.

The only note I'll add is that Gadget is JUST a bug fix thing, which is always good, but, you know....others with an asterisk added look like more fulsome updates...

-Korg Gadget
-Audio Evolution M.*
-TC-11 *


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  • Cassini

  • DubFilter has been one of those I have had for ages. Recently I started using it in earnest and have to say I love it. Filters nicely and I just love the automation in their apps. It's just one of those fun little tools that gets little discussion; maybe because it is so simple to use.

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    can't seem to work out what the new TC-11/Data feature is.

    EDIT it was a performance view preference.

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